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A fun and surprisingly engaging multiplayer experience. 4

 I'm a big fan of the kart racing genre. However, with Mario Kart being the only real option out there for the last few years I've grown tired of the plumbers race for 1st. For lack of a better way of articulating, I have craved a more adult approach to the seemingly dead sub-genre. I'm pleased that not only Blur delivers but it injects hope for this genre to find its footing beyond Nintendo. On paper, Blur is a weird idea. Take real-world cars and give them a Mario-Kart like arsenal ...

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Blur 2

An easy way to describe Blur would be to call it a simple homage to Mario Kart; while that is an apt description, the essence of Blur is much more. Scattered around each track are an array of differing power-ups (of which there are about eight), such as Nitro, which gives you a short burst of speed, and Bolt, which contains a set of three pink lightning bolts that can be shot at other cars. Power-ups can be shot backwards, and even negate the effect of others if they collide. The game also inclu...

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Shockingly Fun Affair 0

 Blur is the latest release from one of the premier racing developers on the market, Bizarre. Their takes on racing, from the more traditional PGR series to the shooter-that-is-actually-a- Yes, Blur is, overall, a kart racer. Yes, it uses actual carrs, but the gameplay itself is pure kart racer. You have your power ups and a bit of rubber banding AI to keep the races close. You have opponents who will hold their weapons until the last lap and then unleash hell upon you. Bizarre has managed...

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Fun and Addictive 1

I may be the first person who actually doesn't find this game to be similar to Mario Kart.  Sure you have the racing aspect of it and the "power ups" but really, I've always found it difficult to play Mario Kart for reasons unknown to man and I was able to pick this game up and just play.  The controls were very easy to learn even without a tutorial.  It just felt really natural in my hand.  I noticed that a lot of people liked playing in third person but for me the first person aspect was very ...

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A Recommendable Yet Forgettable Weekend Rental 0

 Blur is the perfect weekend rental. Fast cars, superb graphics, and an easy pick up and play mentality. Nearly everyone has played a kart racer before and will understand how to use its numerous power-ups in order to beat the crowds but despite all these positive qualities the game suffers from a real lack of authentic character and style. The game is artificially lengthened with singleplayer and online stat grinds which ultimately will have you becoming disinterested and ready for your next...

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Mario Kart meets Wipeout meets Lady Luck 0

Blur is a game which should have been the end of Bizarre Creations. After the disappointment of PGR 4 and the rise of the Forza Motorsport brand most were expecting another simulation racing game aimed at taking Forza down a peg or two. Blur is a kart racer set in a real world setting...when you put it like that the enormous risk Bizarre have embarked on becomes clear. Not only is this a market very squarely owned by Mario Kart but the developer is risking it's enthusiast fan base by changing di...

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While not awful,its not very good either! 0

  Its impossible to make a review of Blur without comparing to the recently released Split/Second. Both games aim at the same a public,and are direct competitors so lets keep that part short:Split/Second is better,and now you can find out why! Blur is an arcade racing game where you can pick up power-ups,that will give you super-powers. Some might call it WipeOut on wheels,and they would be right. But Blur also has some interesting things going for it. For one thing,all the cars are li...

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Have at you sir! 0

 The major online bugs have just this second been patched.  The experience is really well laid out with some refreshing style brought to what is essentially a kart/racing game.  People who have wanted something similiar to the NFS series but couldn't find something that was instantly accesible should go for this.  Everything is streamlined with very low loading times.  There may be an intial confusion over cars abilities but overall you'll find one thatfits your style.  Single  and multiplayer a...

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PGR meets Mario Kart pays off for Bizarre 0

  Straight from the Project Gotham Racing series, Bizarre Creations have taken inspiration from the unlikeliest of sorts by placing their latest 'realistic' racer in power-upped flashes of insanity in the same vein of Mario Kart . In fact, Bizarre were no holds barred in their admittance of such a design choices, basing a whole advertising campaign on it, seeing a cutesy Nintendo-like character contemplating what lay beyond the fencing from his colourful, cartoon world as real-li...

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Laid a solid groundwork for a sequel we'll never see. 0

This week I have another video game review for you, of Bizarre Creation's last racing game - Blur. You'll have to bare with me on this review - for various technical reasons, I'm not able to do my usual video editing....

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Strong driving game with great mulitplayer hooks 0

 Many people believe that they can explain Blur in a few words, ‘Mario Kart with licensed cars.’ This explanation really does not do this game justice, because Blur is so much more than that. The brains over at Activision’s advertising department have used the phrase ‘Powered Up Racing’ in the various advertisements that have been floating around your web browser and on your television. Now that phrase is much more fitting. Bizarre Creations have created a product which has employed the a...

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Outstanding Game None to say the Least 0

When I first saw the advert for this game, I thought, is it worth getting or not? Is it just like any other racing game? But No, This game is like something not like any other. Its like the have mixed this racing game into a chamber pot and had a few extra neat things into their and came up with a totally different type of Racing Genre. Take Ordinary Cars, Trash the Hell out of them And you have ultimate excitment and makes you feel like your glued to the seat and can't stop playing it.   What I...

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Expected More From BC 0

Being more of a traditional racer, I had mixed feelings about Blur from the start. On one hand, it's action-packed and a lot of fun, but on the other hand it can be a downright frustrating arcade/combat racer. The racing itself is fun enough to keep you going around the track, but the power-ups can either make or break each race. Like Blackrock's Split/Second, the idea here is not to simply outrace your opposition, but to sabotage them; once you get familiar with each of the power ups you can di...

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Blur: Bizarre Creations Spices Things Up 0

         Some have found it completely outrageous than anyone would attempt to compare Blur to Mario Kart, the problem is that the comparison is so ridiculously easy to make. While Blur is not the rainbows-and-sunshine kart racer that Mario Kart has always been, it is virtually impossible to not see the influences Bizarre Creation took for inspiration when it came time to start developing their racing title. Games under their belt likeProject Gotham Racing and more notablyGeometry Wars: Retro Ev...

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