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    Bo' Rai Cho

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    Bo' Rai Cho, though overweight and usually inebriated, is a master who trains many of Earthrealm's best warriors. Despite training Earthrealm's best, Bo' Rai Cho is originally from Outworld.

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    Bo Rai Cho is a character in the Mortal Kombat universe who excels in the Drunken Fist fighting style. His origin story begins in Outworld where he trained fighters from the Earthrealm for the Mortal Kombat tournaments. His reasoning for training Earthrealm fighters for the tournament is that his victory would benefit Shao Kahn since he was born Outworld. Despite the fact that his first set of students were failures, Bo Rai Cho continued to train warriors of Earthrealm in the hopes that one would eventually be able to win the tournament. Eventually he became the trainer of Liu Kang, who was later murdered by the Quan Chi and Shang Tsung prior to the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance-- Bo Rai Cho's first proper appearance in a Mortal Kombat game. Upon hearing of his disciples demise, Bo Rai Cho quickly teams up with Liu Kang's former friend Kung Lao to rescue Li Mei from Shang Tsung's palace while he and Quan Chi iare being attacked by other Earthrealm warriors. Following the events of Deadly Alliance, Bo Rai Cho meets up with Raiden and the other fighters of Earthrealm to retreat.


    Deadly Alliance


    The victory of Bo Rai Cho and Kung Lao over the Deadly Alliance was helped in the liberation of Outworld's inhabitants. With the success of his latest student, he is lured back to Earthrealm where he continues to train the budding warriors of the Wu Shi Academy.



    With the threat of an attack by Baraka's Tarkata army plaguing the citizens of Outworld, Kitana gives Bo Rai Cho Complete control over what remains of her army. After a meeting with Liu Kang's soul, Bo Rai Cho finds the strength to defeat the Tarkatan army and deal the finishing blow to his arch-nemesis Baraka. With the defeat of Baraka and his army behind them, the residents of Outworld are motivated to rise up against Onaga.



    After obliterating Blaze, the father of Taven and Daegon transports him to the Heavens where he would stand trial before the Gods. Upon his request, the Gods grant him the title of Protector of Outworld and transform him into a God.

    Special Moves

    • Puke Puddle- Bo Rai Cho vomits on the ground on the arena. If his opponents steps into the puddle he/she will begin to slip granting Bo Rai Cho the opportunity for a free combo.
    • Belly Bash- Bo Rai Cho launches himself towards an opponents before bouncing off of them back to his side of the screen.
    • Earthquake- Bo Rai Cho stomps on the ground with one foot creating a small earthquake that will stun the opponent.


    • Belly Flop- Bo Rai Cho backs up before sprinting at his opponent and jumping onto and crushing him/her.
    • Flaming Fart- After lighting a torch, Bo Rai Cho turns around and farts into it. This creates a large fireball that engulfs his opponent.
    • Fire Breath- Similar to the Flaming Fart, Bo Rai Cho utilizes a torch into which he blows a mouthful of beer that envelops the competitor.
    • Hara-Kiri- A powerful fart is held in which causes Bo Rai Cho to explode.


    • His name came from a Spanish word, borracho which means drunk, due to his excessive drinking.
    • Bo Rai Cho was the first obese character in a Mortal Kombat game.
    • Motor Kombat has revealed that Bo Rai Cho owns a brewery.
    • Was quoted in a game saying, "Earthrealm's sake puts Outworld's liquor to shame."

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