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    Robert 'Bob' Belcher is the breadwinner of the family and owner of his fast-food restaurant known as Bob's Burgers as it's the TV show.

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    Robert 'Bob' Belcher is the main protagonist from the FOX animated series Bob's Burgers.

    Personal Life:

    Bob is the owner of his Fast Food Restaurant known as Bob Burgers as he took it over from his father Big Bob Belcher Sr. many years ago as the family friendship fell apart. He has a family such as his wife Linda and three children Tina, Gene and Louise as they support Bob and help him run his restaurant and his best customer and friend is Teddy.

    Bob is a very talented chef as he is very level-headed for experimenting by creating his own recipes for making his own Burger, like it's the special menu known as Burger of the Day as he charges his customers $5.95. Despite of that his family business seems to be very poor and can't make his fortunes like his arch-nemesis Jimmy Pesto that owns and runs his Italian Restaurant which seems to be more very successful then him and Bob needs to do what is best by coming with ideas of his recipes to attract his customers and providing his own family.

    Unlike those bumbling and dim-witted fathers from other FOX animated series, Bob is a very hardworking and well-meaning husband to Linda and a great father to his kids Tine, Gene and Louise and very loyal to Teddy and his customers. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (similar voice to a recurring character Carl from Family Guy).


    Burger of the Day Recipes being made by Bob Belcher for examples:


    New Bacon-Ings: Comes with Bacon

    The Child Molester: Comes with Candy

    Foot Feta-Ish Burger

    Tunami Burger

    Mission A-Corn-Plished Burger: Comes with Corn Salsa

    Rest in Peas Burger

    Fig-Eta Bout it Burger

    The Roquefort Files Burger


    and many more if you want to check his recipes as you type in Burger of the Day | Bob's Burgers Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia


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