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    Bob-omb Battlefield

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    Bob-omb Battlefield is the first, and arguably most recognized, course in Super Mario 64. As the name suggests, it is populated by sentient Bob-ombs.

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    As the course which requires no stars to play, Bob-omb Battlefield is the first course in both Super Mario 64 and its DS remake.  Bob-omb Battlefield is well known for it's cast of classic Mario characters, giant mountain, floating platform and music which spans a number of other levels.  Despite being the first level, transportation comes in many flavors.  The playable character can traverse the course on-foot, while riding a Koopa shell, flying with the Wing Cap, through teleportation or by being blasted by a cannon.
    Aside from the star achieved through collecting 100 coins,  Bob-omb Battlefield has the following stars:
    Star No.
    Super Mario 64
    Super Mario 64 DS
     Big Bob-omb on the Summit Big Bob-omb on the Summit
     Footrace with Koopa the Quick Footrace with Koopa the Quick
    3 Shoot to the Island in the Sky Five Silver Stars!
    4 Find the 8 Red Coins Big Bob-omb's Revenge
    5 Mario Wings to the Sky Mario Wings to the Sky
    6 Behind Chain Chomp's Gate Find the 8 Red Coins
    7 N/ABehind Chain Chomp's Gate


    • There exist a number of logs in the area where the star for collecting all 8 red coins can be found.  Each of the logs can be ground pounded, but nothing happens as a result.
    • In Super Mario 64, it is possible to carry Big Bob-omb all the way down the mountain.  However, as soon as he is dropped, he jumps back to the top of the mountain.

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