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    Bob Page

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    Bob Page is known to the public as the CEO of Page Industries, but is secretly the head of Majestic-12. He is the main antagonist of Deus Ex.

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    Page Industries is very cagey with its public perception, known vaguely as a biotechnology firm with a fair amount of international operations. The truth is that this is all just a cover, a mask of Page's real organisation, Majestic-12. With Majestic-12, Page plans to take over the world by manipulating certain government officials.

    The player is not made aware of the sinicism of Page Industries immediately, and hints to it are only apparent to the observant few. In-game newspapers mention that Page Industries lost a fierce bidding war with a rival company to transport ore from a new, Chinese led, mining operation on the Moon. Newspapers found in the latter stages of the game reveal that the original ore shipment failed to reach its destination due to the ship malfunctioning and crash landing on Earth for unknown reasons.

    Very little information is known about Page, including his age (which can be assumed to be around the late 40's). Though not visible, Page is discreetly nanoaugmented, but it is unknown as to whether any of these are functional. The point of these nanoaugmentations is so that he can merge with the Helios AI.

    His fate depends on the ending the player chooses. He is killed by JC Denton in the New Dark Age or Illuminati endings. He supposedly lives (though this is not visibly proven) if the player chooses the Helios ending.


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