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    Giant bird who has tangled with Wario a couple of times.

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    Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3:
    Bobo was a giant bird residing on the top mast of the SS Tea Cup, Captain Syrup's pirate ship. He alone fills nearly half the screen. He will occasionally summon smaller birds into battle. These birds could be disabled, picked up and thrown at Bobo. When Bobo has been hit, he will start to flap his wings and create a gust. This strong wind may cause Wario to back away, and potentially kill him if he falls into the pit to the left. The best way to defeat Bobo quickly is to don the Dragon Cap powerup.

    Wario Land 2:
     A slimmer version of Bobo would appear in the sequel, once again guarding the ship of Captain Syrup. Although he seem to have shrinked in size since the last time him and Wario fought, he has become much more aggressive in his attack pattern. He will start the battle by snapping at Wario, and swoop down attacking him. When Wario has butt-stomped Bobo, he will fly back to safety and unleash a mini tornado. These tornadoes will send Wario till the top of the screen and lose the battle. If Wario keeps moving around he will not get sucked up. The tornado will become increasingly harder to outmanouver. As long as Wario walks from side to side while crouching down, he should be fine.

    Both incarnations of Bobo takes 5 hits to bring down.

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