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    A member of the Moblin family, they typically act as basic infantry in the Zelda titles.

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    The Wind Waker

    Bokoblins act as the main foot soldiers of Ganondorf's army. they are seen as being relatively dim-witted, used only for menial labor and basic infantry roles. They are found scattered throughout the Great Sea, manning the lookout towers as well as the floating rafts and some submarines. they are also present in nearly every dungeon and cave Link goes through on his journey, usually in packs of three to five members. They utilize fairly basic attacks and present very little challenge to the player, and have one parry-able attack. Link can use his Grappling Hook to steal Joy Pendants off of Bokoblins to use in a quest.


    Bokoblins appear to be relatively short, standing only a head taller than link when upright. They possess lanky arms mounted on a fairly thin torso with a slight pot-belly. their legs are short and small despite their ability to leap at link over a large distance. All Bokoblins have long, forked tails as well as a pig-like face and a single horn on their forehead. these features cause the Bokoblins to bear a much closer resemblance to Goblins than their Moblin relatives. Additionally, Bokoblins are seen in 3 different colors depending on their location; pink when at sea, blue when on land, and green when in dungeons.

    The clothes worn by the Bokoblins are the same across the species, but vary in color depending upon the skin color of the Bokoblin. Pinks wear a black tattered shirt and white cut-off shorts with a black bandana, Blues wear an orange shirt and bandana along with rust colored shorts, and Greens wear red shirts and bandanas paired with purple shorts. Bokoblins always wear a belt with a white skull as a buckle. The weapons carried by the Bokoblins also vary according to color, with pink ones carrying telescopes, blue ones carrying either deku sticks or swords, and green ones always carrying swords and occasionally shields.

    Twilight Princess

    Playing a much smaller role in Twilight Princess, Bokoblins return as basic imp-like enemies but are far outshone by the Bulblins. They appear mainly in Faron Woods and a few areas of Hyrule Field, acting as a nuisance more than anything else. They appear far less intelligent than their Wind Waker counterparts, althought they can be seen conversing early in the game. They once again appear in different colors based upon their location, and have varying attack strength based on this. They are meant to be an early game enemy and as such have very little in the way of offense.


    These Bokoblins appear to have a simplified version of the Wind Waker design. they are similarly proportioned, with the addition of a long white-haired ponytail. Along with the game itself, the Bokoblins appear far more realistic than past depictions, looking gaunt and malnourished and having beady green eyes. The Bokoblins wear only a pair of brown pants, shoes, and a money pouch, although the red versions are shown to be slightly armored.

    The two color variations present in the game are blue and red, with very little difference between the two. Blue-skinned versions are more commonly found in Faron Woods and are unarmored, only possessing a wooden sword for offense. The red-skinned versions appear to be better equipped, wielding swords. Despite the weapon upgrade the main advantage of the red-skinned version is their increased defensive capabilities: they are able to take much more damage before dying.

    Skyward Sword

    Becoming the most common enemy type faced in the game, Bokoblins in Skyward Sword not only differ from their previous incarnations in terms of appearance and behavior but also become more fleshed out as a species. Bokoblins are present in every area of the game except residential skyloft. they act as the primary enemy in the game and challenge the player to utilize the Wii Motion Plus controls to get past their guards. they have only basic offensive capabilities throughout the game, but become very dangerous in high numbers. while the design changes based upon the model of Bokoblin, they are almost always seen carrying a mid-range weapon that they use to guard with. they are also seen performing unique tasks such as throwing boulders at Link.


    In the first major departure from the Wind Waker design, Bokoblins in Skyward Sword have been made to closely resemble typical Japanese Oni demons. as such, they are shown to resemble small ogres, slightly bigger than Link. they are colorfully skinned, have long droopy ears, slightly sagging cheeks, round eyes, and two horns on their head. they are less lanky than before, and appear to have a more stout build. Bokoblins again change color in Skyward Sword, although this time they do so with the progression of the game's story instead of with their location. they change from green to blue to red as the story goes on, remaining red for most of the game.

    Bokoblins in Skyward Sword have much more variation in their clothing, the most basic outfits consisting of a tattered vest and wrap at the hips. they can become far more complex than that however, including helmets, armor, masks, gloves, hoods, and boots. interestingly, all Bokoblins share an interest in garishly patterned underwear, typically wearing yellow leopard-print briefs that are constantly visible under the wrap they wear instead of pants.

    Alternate Forms

    Unique to Skyward Sword, there are variations to the basic Bokoblin found throughout the game under certain circumstances.


    During sequences in which Link uses Timeshift Stones he will encounter Technoblins. these are distant ancestors of the present day Bokoblins, and appear to have been highly civilized and technologically proficient, constructing elaborate armor that they wear as well as electrified weapons that will harm link if he attempts to hit them. Technoblins have black and white zebra-print underwear

    Cursed Bokoblins

    Appearing only in the Ancient Cistern and the game's final dungeon, Cursed Bokoblins are essentially zombified Bokoblins that have come back to life out of both pure malevolence and a strong attachment to their underwear. they take a considerable amount of damage to kill although they can be killed instantly by a Fatal Blow. they will become scared of the Sacred Shield and the Whip, which can be used to keep them at bay. Their attack style is similar to ReDeads from previous Zelda games. They possess the same underwear as red Bokoblins, though with a slightly altered pattern.


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