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    Boku no Natsuyasumi 2: Umi no Dai Bouken

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jul 11, 2002

    An adventure game following the summer vacation of 9 year old Boku that is the second game in the Boku no Natsuyasumi franchise.

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    In Boku no Natsuyasumi 2, the title character, Boku, has been sent away to spend his summer vacation with his aunt and uncle on the Japanese coastal town of Tomifumi while his parents prepare to welcome a new baby into the world. The game takes place over the course of 31 days of August 1975 as Boku tries to make the most of his summer vacation. The game takes place in parallel with events of the original Boku no Natsuyasumi game.

    How Boku makes the most of his summer is completely up to the player. Players can choose from a wide range of daily activities for Boku to participate in while following a myriad of stories from the 17 different characters he can meet and interact with over the summer.


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    Morning Exercises - If Boku gets to bed the previous night without tiring himself out, he will wake up bright and early the next morning and join the family and neighbors for morning exercises at the playground.

    Breakfast - Every morning Boku sits down with the family for breakfast in the Akaneya kitchen. Boku chats with the family and gets brought up to speed on some of the events that will be going on during the day. Special events sometimes follow directly after breakfast.

    Daytime Free Time - This is where bulk of Boku's time will be spent over the course of the month. Here Boku will need to decided who to spend time with, which daily activities he wants to take in, find special events, search for collectibles and explore the island. The world is his oyster.

    Dinner - After a long day of running around, Boku will get called to dinner by either his aunt or uncle. The family discusses some of the events of the day and on some occasions any special plans they have for the evening or the next day. Special events such as fireworks sometimes follow directly after dinner.

    Evening Free Time - After dinner Boku has more free time to wonder about. Boku's time is more limited in the evening as not all the areas of the island are available to him and certain activities are also restricted.

    Bedtime - Boku can go to bed anytime after dinner but is forced to go to bed at 11pm. Before going to bed Boku will make his daily diary entry. If Boku managed to trigger a particularly fun or significant event he will draw a special entry to make note of the memory.


    Boku no Natsuyasumi features a variety of different activities that Boku can partake in to make sure he is having the funnest summer of his life.

    Insect Collection - Returning for the sequel is insect collection. During the course of the day, Boku can take out his bug net and catch over 100 different kinds of insects from butterflies to grasshoppers, cicadas to fireflies. When Boku returns to his room, he can register his catches into a notebook and if he so chooses, pin them onto an insect board.

    Beetle Sumo - Also returning from the previous game is the beetle sumo. Boku can collect beetles by kicking certain trees in the area and after capturing them can take them to the tree house to take on beetles collected by his cousins. Two changes from the previous game is the ability to rile Boku's beetles up before sending them into battle and the ability to level up beetles as they win matches. Unlike the original Boku no Natsuyasumi, beetle sumo isn't just for fun. Beating Boku's cousins' king beetles unlocks another area to explore.

    Fishing - This time Boku is on an island and there are plenty of places to fish. Boku can use a fishing rod provided by his uncle wherever he sees fish. The mini-game is unchanged from the previous game as he waits for a nimble before reeling the fish in. After a successful catch Boku is provided with details of the catch including kind, size and whether he has seen to fish before or not.

    Swimming - New for Boku no Natsuyasumi 2 is swimming. When near most large bodies of water, Boku can take the plunge and go for a swim. While swimming Boku can swim around looking for yen, bottle caps treasure, caves and other sunken delights. Boku's ability to stay under water is determined by the number of bottle caps he has collected with each bottle cap expanding the amount of time he can spend underwater before coming up for air.

    Biking - New for Boku no Natsuyasumi 2 is the ability to ride a bicycle. Hopping on a bike allows Boku to ride around the town but cannot be taken up steps.



    Boku - 9 year old Boku is the playable character in the game. He has been brought to the island of Tomifumi to spend his summer vacation with his aunt and uncle.

    Arase Family

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    Genta Arase - Boku's a uncle and owner of the Akaneya Inn in Tomifumi. A tough-talking man who is always willing to lend a hand. He is often found sleeping immediately after eating dinner.

    Mitsuko Arase - Boku's aunt. A loving, upbeat woman who pitches in around the house wherever she can. Loves getting a good massage after a hard day's work.

    Shigeru Arase - A second-grader and younger cousin of Boku. Shigeru is full of energy and is never too far behind his older brother.

    Takeshi Arase - The eldest of Boku's two cousins. Takeshi is adventurous and definitely takes after his dad with his tough-talking but kind demeanour. Frequently seen both in the house and in the forest not wearing a shirt.

    Sagara Family

    Yasuko Sagara - A 16 year old girl and the first person to befriend Boku as they are both taking the boat to Tomifumi as Boku arrives for his summer vacation. She lives with her Grandpa and younger sister. She enjoys reading and can often be found in her house with a book or spending time with childhood friend, Yoh.

    Hikari Sagara - Younger sister of Yasuko and a classmate of Boku's younger cousin, Shigeru. She enjoys spending time outside and can be frequently found relaxing in the playground. She also enjoys paper fortune tellers.

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    Grandpa Sagara - The Grandfather of Yasuko & Hikari as well as the doctor at the local clinic. He spends most days tending to the clinic even if their aren't many patients. When not working at the clinic he can be found enjoying some fishing at the pier.

    Guests at Akaneya

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    Simon Reich - The only guest at Akaneya when Boku arrives, Simon is a well-travelled, foreign photographer who spends his days split between lounging around in Akaneya and roaming around the island in search of the perfect picture. Boku never knows when Simon will pop up to snap a picture.

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    Yoshika - A college age girl that arrives to island shortly after Boku's arrival. An outgoing lady who enjoys spending time outdoors and playing the guitar. She can frequently be found outside of the Akaneya kitchen playing her guitar on a bench. She appears to get along great with Boku and the Arase clan.

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    Taniguchi - The third and final guest to arrive at Akaneya during Boku's visit. He is a quiet and reserved middle-age man who's come Akaneya to relax. Unlike the other two guests, he spends most of his time in his room.

    Other Characters

    Yoh - A 16 year old boy and childhood friend of Yasuko. He is obsessed with rockets and is working hard to build his own model rocket that stays in the air for more than a few a seconds. He may long to be more than just friends with Yasuko.

    Nagisa - Nagisa is the nurse at the local clinic. She spends her days helping out Grandpa Arase at the clinic and frequently unwinds in the Akaneya kitchen in the afternoon before calling it a day. She is friendly with Boku and always makes time to chat him up.

    Ferry Captain - Operates the ferry that brought Boku to the island from the main land. Boku can some times catch him taking a break at the ferry stop around noon.

    Shizue - Yasuko and Hikari's mother. Since she is often on the move her daughters live with their grandpa. She comes and visits the family for a couple of days.

    Yasuda - An acquaintance of Yoshika, he visits Tomifumi for a few days. Unlike other visitors to the island, Yasuda elects to camp out on the beach near the harbour.

    Hospital Girl - A young, mysterious girl who is sick and spends a few days at the local clinic.

    Ookamijiji - A middle aged man who lives in a cabin at the top a hill. He may or may not be a wolf man.


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