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    Bolgin Serilis

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    Bolgin Serilis is a demigod in the EverQuest franchise. He is the brother of Brell Serilis and is believed to have had a role in the creation of goblins.

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    Bolgin is the deformed and demented brother of Brell Serilis.  He hides in the darkest depths of the Plane of Underfoot, a hidden place called Golm.  He is said to be dark-skinned and hairless.  Some claim he is the creator of the goblin races of Norrath or at least had a hand in their creation with Rallos Zek.  Bolgin hid from sight for ages within the twisting labyrinth that is Golm.  An ancient totem holding the secrets of the origin of the goblinoids was taken and deposited on Norrath during the Age of Turmoil.  It was not until the Age of Destiny when the goblins of Runnyeye unearthed the totem and discovered the secrets of their past, which had been eradicated during the curse laid upon the Rallosian Empire during the Elder Age.    

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