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    The Boltgun, otherwise known as a Bolter, is a 0.75 caliber weapon, and is the standard issue weapon of the Space Marines. The Boltgun fires self propelled rounds called bolts.

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    The Boltgun, more commonly referred to as a bolter, functions in a battle very similarly to a submachine gun. It fires 0.75 caliber rounds that leaves the muzzle like a normal slug, and then propels itself much like a rocket. Bolters have single shot, four round burst fire, and fully automatic firing modes.


    The ammunition used by Bolters are called bolts. Bolts are self propelled solid slug ammunition that detonates a split second after hitting its target. In order to avoid a critical amount of pressure within the Bolter barrel, the bolts do not depend on rocket propulsion until they clear of the Bolter muzzle.

    There are various types of Bolter rounds:

    Standard Bolt:

    Standard issue ammunition.

    Kraken Penetrator Rounds

    Armor piercing rounds. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and a needle pierces into the victim.

    Inferno Bolt

    Inferno Bolts are designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire.

    Hellfire Bolt

    A vial of acid shatters and thousands of needles embed themselves into the target.

    Metal Storm Frag shell

    A proximity fuse detonates the casing before reaching the target and sends out a shower of shrapnel.

    Stalker Silenced Shells

    Precise subsonic shells with low sound motion.

    Psycannon Bolts

    Psycannon Bolts are used by the the Ordo Malleus branch of the Inquisition, primarily by the Grey Knights. The bolt is blessed and inscribed with microscopic runes.


    • .998 Godwyn pattern (Current Space Marine pattern)
    • Ultima Pattern
    • Crusade Pattern
    • Filienostos Pattern
    • Heresy Pattern
    • Godwyn Pattern
    • Astartes Umbra Pattern

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