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    Bomb Man

    Character » appears in 11 games

    A robot master from the Mega Man franchise. He likes to throw bombs.

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    Bomb Man is a Robot Master made by Dr. Light. He's a pyromaniac, like his brother Fire Man, and he loves his bombs.


    Bomb Man is a Robot Master designed for disrupting ground. He loves to blow things up, but one day he was taken from his home by Dr. Wily (the original game and Mega Man Powered Up have this story in place), or if the player uses Bomb Man in Mega Man Powered Up, everyone except for Bomb Man is taken and reprogrammed to do evil things.

    Bomb Man gives the weapon Hyper Bomb, which is a medium sized bomb that detonates after three seconds of waiting time. He is weak to Fire Storm in the original game, and Rolling Cutter in Mega Man Powered Up.

    He makes an appearance in Super Adventure Rockman, like his brothers, as an assistant to Mega Man when he is almost defeated by another Robot Master he was facing. Bomb Man advises Mega Man to go back home, but if the player chooses that, the game ends with Roll dying and Dr. Wily laughing in victory. If the player chooses not to go back, then Mega Man builds up his strength and takes a second shot at a battle against whomever he was fighting.


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