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    Bomberman 64

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 20, 2001

    Not to be confused with the 1997 game known in North America and Europe as "Bomberman 64," this 2D Bomberman title was the last N64 game to be released in Japan.

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    Bomberman 64 (not to be confused with the earlier game of the same name,) is a 2D mini-game collection developed by Racjin and published by Hudson exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo 64 on December 20, 2001.

    The last game released for the Nintendo 64 (in Japan regions), Bomberman 64 contains a collection of the following four games:

    • Bomberman - An adaptation of the traditional maze game the series is known for. It is loosely based on the version included in Bomberman Land and includes two game modes: the single-player Normal Game mode and a versus Battle Game mode for up to four players (with options for both free-for-all and teamplay).
    • Panic Bomber - An adaptation of the 1994 arcade game Panic Bomber. In this tile-matching action-puzzle game, players must erase tiles from the screen by using groups of tiles to either match Bomberman heads of the same color or utilize special Bomb tiles. Includes a single-player Score Attack mode and a versus Battle Game mode for up to four players.
    • SameGame - An adaptation of the tile-matching puzzle game series SameGame. Players must erase as many tiles off the screen as they can by removing groups of adjoining tiles. These tiles include yellow B's, green O's, pink M's, blue B's, and purple R's. There are multiple size playfields to choose from.
    • Bomberman Park - An adaptation of the 2000 PS1 game Bomberman Land, players navigate an amusement park while playing numerous mini-games.

    Unlike other N64 entries in the series, this game uses 2D hand-drawn sprites instead of 3D models.


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