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Bomberman B-Daman is a multiplayer Super Famicom game that features Hudson's Bomberman characters, and the first game to be based on the B-Daman toyline. B-Daman, a pun on the Japanese word for "marble", are a set of toys which special slots in their stomach. The player can use these toys to fire out marbles. The first B-Daman toys also used Bomberman characters, but future toys (and games) would use various other characters as well.

Almost a year later, another B-Daman game was released on the Super Famicom: Super B-Daman.


The game uses this to set up stages where players have to detonate bombs by firing their marble at the right moment. The difficulty is in leading the targets when the bombs are moving, and finding the right time to strike to maximize the chain reaction as bombs detonate nearby bombs with their explosions.

There is also a multiplayer mode that lines up four players on the four walls and lets players use three face buttons to aim for the left, right or opposite wall in order to damage their opponent(s). The player's final score is determined by the number of successful hits subtracted by the number of times they were hit in turn.

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