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    Bomberman Hero

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Sep 01, 1998

    Mixing classic Bomberman gameplay with a full blown adventure game, take control of Bomberman and rescue Princess Millian while putting a stop to the evil Garadan Empire.

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    Bomberman Hero is the second Bomberman released for the Nintendo 64. While not a direct sequel to Bomberman 64, there are several similarities to its predecessor. Again, Bomberman must venture to multiple worlds, using whatever means necessary to solve puzzles, clear obstacles and reach the end goal. This time around though, Bomberman's move set has been expanded and retuned. Now Bomberman can jump, throws bombs farther and has more lives. One major change for the series is the lack of a multi-player mode, and means that Hero focuses entirely on the single player experience while a new addition is the introduction of vehicles: a jetpack and a submarine suit that attach to Bomberman for certain segments.

    Once again, Bomberman must save the world from evil invaders, only this time they've kidnapped Princess Millian. Bomberman must venture world to world defeating Bosses as he tries to rescue the Princess. Again like Bomberman 64, the player is allowed to venture to a new planet and unlock the true ending of the game only after receiving a perfect score in each proceeding level.


    Bomberman was training very hard at Bomber Base to keep the universe peaceful. One day, Bomberman received an order to check out a spaceship that crashed in the Peace Mountains. When Bomberman arrived at the scene, he found a strange looking robot. According to this robot, the planet Primus Star was attacked by the Garaden Empire. This robot was able to escape with Princess Millian of Primus Star via spaceship, but the Garaden Empire captured them and took the princess away. To help out, Bomberman left his home and embarked on a journey to rescue Princess Millian.


    Bomberman - The protector of Bomber Star, Bomberman will rescue Princess Millian from the evil Garaden army.
    Princess Millian - She's the Princess of Primus Star. She stole a secret data disk from the Garaden army and tried to escape, but was captured.
    Pibot - This little robot is Princess Millian's friend and helper. It's his job to help Bomberman rescue the Princess
    Nitros - A soldier of the Garaden Empire, Nitros' mission is to stop Bomberman and retrieve the disk.
    Louie - A friendly little creature who will help Bomberman in any way he can. Can be found on the planet Mazone Star.
    Endol - Boss of Bomber Star. Looks like an electrical catfish.
    Baruda - Boss of Primus Star. A huge bird with a powerful beam cannon on his stomach.
    Bolban - Boss of Kanatia Star. Sphinx-like creature with shoulder mounted cannons. Barriers form in front of him when he takes damage.
    Natia - Boss of Mazone Star. A feisty little feline with a mean whip.
    Mecha-Cronus - Natia's pet.
    Bagular - Sinister creature uses shock bullets and warps to attack. Final boss on Garaden Star.
    Evil Bomber - Final boss on Gossick Star.


    Bomber Star - Bomberman's home. His base is located here.
    Primus Star - Lush green planet. Ruled by Princess Millian until it was invaded by Garaden's army.
    Kanatia Star - A hot planet with many volcanoes and mysterious buildings.
    Mazone Star - A very cold planet with lots of snow. Some Jungles can be located on this planet.
    Garaden Star - Base of the evil Garaden Army.
    Gossick Star - Final planet.

    Equipment and Items

    Equipment - Power Gear - Bomber Copter, Bomber Slider, Bomber Jet, and Bomber Marine are all neat little toys that enable Bomberman to fly, swim, and slide his way through many perils to reach Princess Millian.

    - Bomb Up, Fire up, Remote Control, Life Heart, Full Heart, 1 Up, Salt Bomb, Freeze Bomb, Fire Resistance Suit, Wall-Through, Power Glove, Bubble Panel, Transceiver, Crystal, Red Crystal, Gold Stone, Rainbow Stone, Key Crystal, Card Key, Other-Dimension Bomb, Data Disk.

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