DSiWare Bomberman?

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#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

Hudson Entertainment's official Twitter page has commented that a DSiWare Bomberman would be pretty cool.

Bomberman on DSiWare would be pretty cool; any suggestions on features for something like that?


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#2 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -

Sounds ...ummmmm..... cool?

The one feature I want is that it is good  :-)    When I get my DSi (next month), Bomberman would be amongst the franchises I would have some interest in.  I have enjoyed a lot of the games.

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#3 Posted by Ossi (1289 posts) -

Yes please!

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#4 Posted by Emilio (3581 posts) -


1. Make it look like the NES Bomberman
2. Have 2-8 Player Online
3. Profit

Seriously, that's all you need Hudson.

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