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    Bon Bonne

    Character » appears in 4 games

    The youngest of the pirate simblings, The Bonnes, little is known about him except he loves to say "Babu!"

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    Bon Bonne may be the youngest, but he's also the largest of the Bonne siblings. Despite an obvious capacity for combat, he is often seen fighting from afar in hovering vehicles. Given that the large head-shaped part seems to transfer between different vehicles, it can be assumed that it is the only necessary component of his form. Some believe there may even be a baby inside...
    Fun Fact: The voice actor for Bon Bonne is Ikue Ohtani, who may be best known for voice Pikachu

    In Mega Man Legends

    Bon is one of the first major boss fights, attacking City Hall by repeatedly dropping bulldozing robots onto it. In this fight he is in a hovering vehicle known as the Schmetterling, which hovers over the field. After he is defeated, his seen very few times through the rest of the game, usually only sitting in the "Reflection Room" on the Bonne's home ship, The Gesselschaft. At the end, he is the last thing seen the game, being towed behind Tron's makeshift boat.

    In The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

    Bon, along with his older brother Teisel, are kidnapped and must be saved by Tron.

    In Mega Man Legends 2

    Little else is seen of Bon, but he does appear during the train battles late in the game. He also fights along his sister Tron in the Saul Kada Ruins.

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