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    Most sinister beings. They burrow themselves inside their human victims, effectively taking over the body.

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    Autopsy commentaries by Maximillian Roivas

    Bonethief of Chattur'gha
    "They ARE amongst us! I knew they would come after me... Knew their devices... Their depraved methods! Creatures wearing human skin as we wear clothes to cover their hideousness from our eyes! So they might consort insidiously with our species, infiltrating, manipulating, playing us against each other. DAMN OUR EYES!!!
    WE ARE BLIND TO THEM!!! But I knew... Oh yes... I knew! I knew they were there plotting behind that door! One has to be careful... One must separate their heads from their bodies. And yes! Fire is the key to purge their souls from this earth, sending them whimpering back to their masters in the Beyond!!!!!"

    Bonethief of Ulyoath
    "They are so close their stench fills the air! You can smell them, I tell you!! Somewhere between the spice of vanilla and the bitter sweetnes of pustulent rot! Those creatures inhabit the bodies of men and women, exorcising the human soul and replacing it with their own putrid spirits. But they couldn't fool me, no...not at all... I could smell them, you see... They were all around me... Dear god! All around! I knew what I had to do...they had to go... By blade and bullet I had to get rid of them! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!! Dear god, I had to to it... had to... You believe me, don't you? Don't you?"

    Bonethief of Xel'lotath
    "The devils inside the servant's skulls were trying to kill me! They plotted behind doors locked and barred, and planned the downfall of the human race! I took care of the ones around me... Stopped their plans. There are others, I'm sure... Out there... Manipulating us... Secreting madness inside our very heads, while our souls are pushed into the corner's of our skulls, watching as our hands do tasks that we have no control over! Oh horrible...horrible...things... WE MUST PURGE THEM FROM OUR MIDST!! Kill them all!! CUT THEM! BURN THEM!!!! It's the only way... I know... I've done it."

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