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    Bonnie MacFarlane

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    Outspoken and strong-willed daughter of a rancher who serves as the first quest giver in Red Dead Redemption.

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    Bonnie MacFarlane is the outspoken, strong headed daughter of Drew MacFarlane, owner of the successful MacFarlane ranch located in New Austin, Texas. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and is thirty years old; at first glance she seems innocent and harmless, but unsuspecting strangers only need to stay around her for a short time until they find out how capable and adept a farmhand she can be.

    After John Marston confronted and was injured by Bill Williamson, Bonnie rescued him just outside of Fort Mercer.  Bonnie took John back to the MacFarlane Ranch where she treated his wounds and gave him a place to stay with John’s unspoken promise to assist in any ranch duties.

    Once John had almost repaid Bonnie in full, she was kidnapped and held ransom for the release of one of Bill Williamson’s men, Norman Deek. John Marston arrived to Tumbleweed, the predestined location for the safe return of Bonnie, with Deek in tow. The gang had never intended to release Bonnie but John acted quickly and quelled the men and released Bonnie before she could be hanged. Her response to being rescued was “What took you so long?”

    Much later on in the story, John returns to Bonnie to purchase some cattle for his own ranch. At the end of the encounter, it is revealed that she did indeed have feelings for John Marston, as her actions and witty banter implied. It is not known whether Bonnie received word of John’s death or how she reacted to the news if she heard it.


    • Voiced by Kimberly Irion.
    • It is revealed that Bonnie has at least two brothers. One she is not fond of and the other she can't convince to help her maintain the Ranch.
    • After the main storyline is complete, overheard conversations at MacFarlane's Ranch indicate she did find a worthy husband.


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