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Wario receives his Bonus Star as seen in Mario Party 2. 
Wario receives his Bonus Star as seen in Mario Party 2. 
Bonus Stars are extra stars that first appeared in Super Mario World. By breaking the goal tape, you'll get more stars the higher you break it and if you get 100 of them, then you'll play a bonus game. In the Mario Party franchise, it is awarded to the players based on your performance at the end of the game. In Mario Parties 1-6, they can only give you 3 but in 7-DS, they can give you 3 out of 6 as chosen randomly. For example: If Yoshi advanced 454 spaces, Toad advanced 390, Luigi advanced 222 and Waluigi advanced 300, then Yoshi recieved the Running Star for moving the most spaces. Altogether there are 11 bonus stars in the series. Below are a list of all 11 bonus stars that you'll receive in the series:

List of Bonus Stars (Mario Party)

  • Minigame Star (All Games): This star goes to the players who won the most coins in minigames in Mario Parties 1-8 and the most minigames in Mario Party DS.
  • Candy Star (Mario Party 8): This one goes to the player who ate the most candy during the game.
  • Friendship Star (Mario Party DS): This star goes to the person who landed on the most Friend Spaces.
  • Coin Star (Mario Parties 1-5): For the player who holds the most coins at anytime during the match.
  • Running Star (Mario Parties 7-DS): For the person who travels the farthest by using Dice Blocks.
  • Orb Star (Mario Parties 6 & 7): For the player who used the most self Orbs.
  • Happening Star (All Games): For the person who landed on the most ? spaces. Also known as Action Star/Green Star.
  • Shopping Star (Mario Parties 7 & 8): For the person who bought the most at the shops.
  • Hex Star (Mario Party DS): For the person who laid the most Hex traps.
  • Red Star (Mario Parties 7 & 8): For the person who landed on the most Red Spaces.
  • Item Star (Mario Party DS): For the person who used the most items.
The following shows a chart of all of the Bonus Stars in the series:  

Bonus Star NameEffectGame(s)
 Running Star The most spaces Mario Party 7-DS
 Hex Star The most Hex traps Mario Party DS
 Happening Star The most ? Spaces All
 Red Star The most Red Spaces Mario Party 7-8
 Coin Star The most coins at anytime during the match Mario Party 1-5
 Minigame Star The most coins in minigames/most minigames All
 Orb Star The most self Orbs Mario Party 6-7
 Candy Star The most candy Mario Party 8
 Friendship Star The most Friend Spaces Mario Party DS
 Item Star The most Items Mario Party DS
 Shopping Star The most coins spent at a Shop Mario Party 7-8

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