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    Boom Blox

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 06, 2008

    Build big block towers and send them crashing down in Stephen Spielberg's Boom Blox.

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    A joint project between Electronic Arts Los Angeles and Steven Spielberg, Boom Blox is a puzzle game for the Wii that utilizes the Wii Remote. Boom Blox includes over 300 single players levels, over 100 cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to 4 people, as well as a creation mode which allows users to create and share levels over the WiiConnect24 service. This game was released on May 6th 2008 in North America, and three days later on May 9th in Europe.


    A building being destroyed.
    A building being destroyed.

    The gameplay of Boom Blox is centered around a series of Jenga-like block towers, with the game making heavy use of physics to control the movement of blocks. Using the Wii Remote's built-in accelerometers, players must (usually) throw balls at the blocks to create chain reactions and accomplish the levels goal.

    The player can use mechanics, often described as being similar to Breakout or Tetris Blast, such as throwing, blasting, and grabbing blocks to proceed through the level. Through the realistic physics modeling, this can be attained indirectly as well as through direct action.

    Game Modes

    Boom Blox features four main game modes, comprised of two single player modes, a multiplayer mode and the creation mode.

    Explore Mode

    Explore mode contains six categories of levels, split up by the types of block each of the groups contains or the tool you'll be using. The six groups are:

    • Gem
    • Point
    • Bomb
    • Vanish
    • Chemical
    • Grab Tool

    Each category contains several levels which revolve around its title (For example, the Bomb category contains level comprised mostly around hitting Bomb Blocks). Each challenge awards you with a medal, Bronze to Gold, and logs a high score for that players profile. Prize's are also awarded for completing certain challenges, which give you more options when it comes to creating your own levels.

    Adventure Mode

    Adventure mode features story based levels, set through a variety of different themed zones. The levels will follow the games characters, a variety of block shaped animals, through their trials as you help them with their problems. The adventure mode travels through four stages:

    • Gem Kingdom - A Medieval themed story which has you recovering lost gem blocks.
    • Boots n' Bandits - Find gold out in the Wild West.
    • Gorilda Rescue - Help Gorilda rescue here children out in the Jungle.
    • Haunted Night - A collection of Halloween themed levels.

    Completing these puzzles will unlock bonus levels for each of the four stages.

    Party Mode

    The multiplayer portion of them game, which splits in to three subcategories. Competitive, where you go head to head in a variety of levels, Cooperative, where teaming up is key if you want to overcome these challenges and Quick Sample, which gives you a quick overview of the types of challenges you will face in the Boom Blox multiplayer modes. Boom Blox supports one to four players.

    Creation Mode

    The creation mode makes use of an integrated level editor which players can use to create entirely new single and multiplayer levels, as well as modify existing stages included with the game. By placing, scaling and painting the different types of blocks, players can create their own levels. The block types give a keen level creator plenty of options for making levels and setting up scenarios, be it either a complicated Jenga-off for multiple players or a complex mousetrap style scenario for someone to go at alone.

    The levels can then be sent to friends also in possession of the game using the Wii Friend Code list and Nintendo's network integration service, WiiConnect24.

    Types of Blocks & Tools

    Boom Blox features 14 different types of blocks, each of which has a unique effect when hit. Knowing the types of blocks is essential to the gameplay, as it may be necessary to remove/topple certain blocks, while leaving others in place. The block types are:

    • Normal - A standard, movable block.
    • Immobile - These blocks are indestructible and immovable.
    • Gem - Sparkling blue, these are often what you are trying to topple.
    • Point - Removing these golden blocks will score you points. Can also come combined with the Vanish block.
    • Penalty - The opposite of the point blocks. Allowing these to touch the flour will penalize you by removing any hard earned points.
    • Bomb - Hitting one of these red blocks will send any other blocks near flying, hopefully with positive effects.
    • Chemical - When two or more chemical blocks collide they will explode, with similar effects as the Bomb Blocks.
    • Vanish - Will disappear when hit, allowing other blocks that may have been resting on it to fall.
    • Multi-Hit Vanish - Similar to the Vanish block, but taking multiple hits to get them to disappear.
    • Fragile - A slight hit won't do much to these blocks, but hitting them with full force will shatter them.
    • Cloud - Lighter-than-air, these blocks will float and rise.
    • Ice - The blocks have less friction than others, allowing them to slip along surfaces (or allowing blocks to slip along them).
    • Jingle - Used in creating musical levels. Different colors make different sounds.
    • Fireworks - When near another explosion, or hit directly, these will shoot in to the sky and explode (just like fireworks!).

    In addition to these, the game also features 22 types of toys, which are used by the player to dispose of the blocks. The combination of toys and blocks can lead to some interesting effects, which adds depth to the Creation Mode.


    1. Boom Blox Main Themes
    2. Hum Stutter
    3. Blockland
    4. Mellow Fun Blockade
    5. HIstorical Swagger
    6. Powdered Wig
    7. Defend Thy Honor
    8. Volcano Artifact
    9. Tiki Sacred HOnor
    10. Extreme Volcano
    11. Blocks Up Hoe Down
    12. Spastic Hoedown
    13. I Got My Cowboy Hat On
    14. A Dusty Afternoon
    15. Mutato Mansion
    16. Feeling of Anxiety
    17. Fear Anytime
    18. Ready, Set, Edit

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