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    Boomer Kuwanger

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    Member of a group of androids from the future called Reploids. Boomer Kuwanger was infected with the Maverick virus, which made him go rogue. As a member of the Mavericks led by Sigma, he fought against X and Zero in Mega Man X

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    A Reploid from the 17th Elite Unit, the same as Sigma and later X, Boomer Kuwanger is a logical Maverick who has rationalized his hate for humans. Using logic, he can collect and analyze battle data, but he also uses logic as his sense of justice, meaning he has no differentiation of good and evil.  
    After Sigma started his rebellion in Mega Man X, Boomer Kuwanger used logic to make a decision to join him. He took over a large tower, under construction to be a symbol of a city, and turned it into a fortress. Impressed by X's ability to reach the top of the tower, Boomer Kuwanger battled X and lost. Alternatively, when battling Vile during Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Boomer Kuwanger confirms Vile's skills are superior to X's, but he does not think Vile is the Reploid who would change the world. Angered, Vile attacked Boomer Kuwanger.


    Boomer Kuwanger moves extremely fast and if he grabs X he will throw him across the screen, inflicting a great deal of damage.  He also throws the pincers adorning his head like a boomerang.  Because he moves so fast, it's helpful to use the homing missiles taken from beating Launch Octopus to take down Boomer.  Wall jumping is also recommended for avoiding Boomer's grab.
    X's reward for beating Boomer Kuwanger is the Boomerang Cutter weapon.


    • In the Japanese version of Mega Man X, Boomer Kuwanger's name was a pun on the Japanese name for stag beetles (kuwagata). However, this joke doesn't translate well for international audiences.
    • He is one of the two Mavericks to have a brother - Gravity Beetle. The other Maverick who has a brother is Launch Octopus, whose brother is Squid Adler.
    • He is 7.93 feet tall and weighs 206 pounds.

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