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    A Boomer is a larger, more powerful variety of the standard Locust Drone. The standard Boomer uses a Boomshot, but other varieties include the Grinder, Mauler, Butcher, and Flame.

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    Compared with a Drone is a Boomers gigantic, tough and far less intelligent. Boomers can take a lot more damage than most other Locust. A regular Boomer can withstand 3 headshots from a Longshot when playing on Hardcore of Insane difficulty. It takes around 2 full magazines of Lancer to kill one, but it is far easier to just tag a grenade on one. A Boomer doesn't take cover and will “rush” straight into the most dangerous combat situations without a thought.

     A pair of Boomers holding Boomshots
     A pair of Boomers holding Boomshots

    There are several kinds of Boomers. The most common Boomer uses a Boomshot.. For some reason Boomers like to shout “BOOM” with a intrigue low voice whilst shooting with a Boomshot. This warcry can be a alert to nearby targets. It's recommended to jump to cover when hearing this warcry. Several other Boomer quotes are: "For the Queen!" or "Die, hominid/groundwalker!". Most Boomers walk in pairs but they never use any tactics. 

    Boomer Types:

    In Gears of War there was only one kind of Boomer. This was the regular Boomer with a Boomshot. The first time a player meets a Boomer is in the chapter Tick Tick Boom of Act 2 from Gears of War. In Gears of War 2, 4 new types of Boomer are introduced. Each has a different weapon at its disposal.

    • Butcher – The Butcher was not meant for combat. The Butcher chops up meat for the other Locust in The Hollow. In battle, they wield a large meat cleaver and charge enemies when possible. When a Butcher attacks it can be fatal, but his attacks can easily be dodged. The Butcher is far out the weakest Boomer in the game.
    • Flame Boomer - Equipped with a Scorcher flamethrower, these Boomers will close in before using these flamethrowers. These can be easily neutralized by shooting the imulsion tanks on their back until a flame starts popping out from one of the tanks. A few seconds later the imulsion tanks will explode and take the Flame Boomer down. They usually shout phrases similar to "No!" once the flame is ignited. Beware though - if a Flame Boomer's backpack is ignited and he is standing fairly close to you, he will attempt to run towards you to catch you in the blast,
    • Grinder – The Grinder is very similar to the regular Boomer except their weapon of choice is a Mulcher, These Boomers cry "Grind" just before firing. They are one of the toughest of the Boomer types as it takes almost three Lancer clips to take one down. They can literally "grind up" a gear by shooting him constantly for three to four seconds. A Grinder can easily be recognized by the bucket-like helmet he wears. The helmet can be shot off, which exposes his weaker head.
    • Mauler - Maulers are just like the Butchers, close combat Boomers. Maulers are equipped with an explosive flail and a Boomshield. This variant of Boomer usually charges enemies, then tries to swing it’s explosive flail to the nearest Gears. in other words, the flail knocks players over like a smoke grenade would. Once a player is knocked down it’s very hard to escape from the second blow of flail. Maulers wear helmets, making headshots less effective on them and once they notice they are shot they take cover behind their Boomshield. The Mauler is the only Boomer that uses a kind of strategy and takes cover. (behind his Boomshield)


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