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Boot Camp is a Konami minigame collection that puts the player (player one controls "Nick", while the CPU or second player controls "Joe") through military recruit training.  Players use a trackball and buttons to play the minigames within a given time limit; should the player not meet the quota or goal by the end of the time limit, they fail.  Depending on the game settings, failure either causes an automatic game over, or causes the player to a punishment stage in which they must do chin-ups to avoid having their game end.

The arcade version's primary game consists of 8 stages, some of which are advanced versions of earlier stages.

Stage 1 - The Obstacle Course

Users must run from left to right through an obstacle course, scaling walls and navigating monkey bars.  Players must cross the finish line before the time limit expires.

Stage 2 - Firing Range I

Users control a crosshair to shoot down sets of targets that popup.  A certain number must be shot within the time limit to qualify.

Stage 3 - Iron Man Race

Players must run vertically through four distinct phases (running, swimming, rowing, and running) while avoiding obstacles such as thistles, puddles, floating logs, and landmines.  The player must cross the finish line before time expires.

Stage 4 - Firing Range 2

Similar in concept to the first firing range, except the player now controls their position on the screen rather than the crosshair.  Additionally, targets are now mobile instead of the stationary targets used in the first stage.

Stage 5 - Arm Wrestling

Players must mash the controls as fast as possible to win an arm wrestling competition.

Stage 6 - Firing Range 3

The player again controls a crosshair, as in Firing Range 1.  This stage adds innocent targets that the player must not shoot.

Stage 7 - Fight With Instructor

Using mechanics similar to Yie Ar Kung-Fu, the user must defeat their Instructor in hand-to-hand combat.

Stage 8 - Mission

The player is told: "Terrorists have taken over.  Save the hostages!".  Users must proceed through a side-scrolling level, fighting terrorists with hand-to-hand combat.

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