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    Borchardt C-93

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    The Borchardt C-93 is an extremely rare semi-automatic pistol produced in Germany. It pre-dates even the Luger P08.

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    The Borchardt C-93 is a very rare pistol, designed in Germany. The C-93 was one of the earliest semi-automatic pistols ever made, and it was one of the first to be made in reasonable numbers. The C-93 was designed in 1893, and fired a 7.65 cartridge. The pistol's name is derived from its designer, Hugo Borchardt. The round produced for the weapon was a 7

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    .65mm, and it was developed by Hugo Borchardt for use with the C-93. 
    The main downfalls of the Borchardt C-93 were the costs of production, and the severe recoil. However, the C-93 did not fade into obscurity without lending its own aid to weapon design. It was arguably a predecessor to both the Mauser C96, and the Luger P08.

    Game Appearances

    Red Dead Redemption

    Single Player

    The Borchardt, or Semi Automatic Pistol as it is called, appears in Rockstar's 2010 release, Red Dead Redemption. The Semi-Auto is Dutch Van Der Linde's signature weapon, as he will always use this over anything else. The Borch
    The Borchardt, complete with its stats  in Red Dead Redemption
    The Borchardt, complete with its stats in Red Dead Redemption
    ardt C-93 can be accessed in two different manners during the game's single player segment. It can be found after completing the Fort Mercer hideout inside the fort. This method of unlocking is free. Should the player decide to though, they may purchase the C-93 for around $300 at the Escalera weapons shop, in Mexico


    Online, the C-93 is unlocked for use in Free Roam at Rank 24. It is also used in some game modes as a default weapon. For example, it appears in Shootout matches occasionally. The C-93 is actually comparable to the Mauser online, and in some cases is arguably superior. The fire rate of the weapon is variable seeing as it will empty as quickly as the shooter can pull the trigger. The C-93 holds seven rounds, and depending on accuracy all seven shots may be needed.

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