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    Bordeaux is a character from the .hack//G.U. games. She is a PK (Player Killer) and is obsessed with obtaining fame by killing the "Terror of Death" Haseo.

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    A Blade Brandier, she has a more peripheral role of stalking Haseo through the latter portion of Roots, becoming increasingly obsessed as Haseo's fame increases. Her first significant act was organizing the mass-attack of other PKers that led to Haseo fighting (and defeating) over 100 PKers at once. After this, she becomes increasingly unreserved, beginning to directly attack him in the beginning of Rebirth and challenging Haseo in each of the Lumina Cloth palace tournaments.
    Undeterred by her failure to directly overcome him, she begins bothering Haseo's friends. She PKs Silabus and Gaspard after Saku begins trying to fight Haseo, among other players that she interferes with in an attempt to draw his attention.

    Despite her preoccupation with Haseo, she holds a devotion to her guildmaster Gabi. She is followed by a Twin Blade named Negimaru, and an Edge Punisher named Grein, but routinely ignores and mistreats them.


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