Anyone know how the color darkness/lightness works with rarity?

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Uh same exact URL for both pictures duder.

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You've linked the same picture twice. But if what you're saying is like in the original Borderlands and how there were Yellow and Orange weapons, I think it just means that the darker the colour the rarer it is.

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Yeah i don't internet so well

fixed now :)

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The sniper rifle is an eridium modified weapon. Hence the 2 shot consumption and the brighter color. All weapons modified with alien tech i've seen have that brighter shade of purple going into pinkish hue. Also the radiator fins on the side and a different type of shot.

I assume it's the same for orange weapons too.

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Yummylee is correct, the darker the color the more rare the item. You can see this clearly when comparing two purples of the same level...the far superior one will be a dark purple in color compared to a light magenta for the more common rares. You'll also notice that this is further supported by the value of the items you're comparing - darker will be worth a lot more.

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Jesus man, the damage on that rocket launcher...

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Awesome, good to know. Dark = better! Just like real life. Thanks guys.

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And yeah, that rocket launcher is insane. Not mine, obviously. Just using reference images from Reddit.

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Isn't it just that each company has different shades of the rarity colours, at least that's what I assumed.

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