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lol that happens for me as well. Surprisingly often actually, like when I'm in the middle of a battle with a large group of bandits, if it goes on for long enough they all eventually revert back to neutral unless I carry on shooting 'em.

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That's normal. Some bandits are just all talk.

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That's pretty funny. As long as it's not happening all that often, I'm okay with it.

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It's happened once for me. For the most part, they keep shooting at my ass.

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A couple of the Bonerfarts did that for me earlier.

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I've found that when that happens to me, a gamebreaker bug isn't far behind. I'm okay with the bugs, seeing as this is an unpatched open-world game with random variables as a key feature, but they always seem to strike at the worst times. A certain boss un-aggroed like that, and he ended up stuck in the geometry and invincible. I had to go through the entire Exploitation Preserve a second time (with everything respawned) just to fix it.

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Happens quite a bit. You can see it in the Quick Look as well. I donno; I like the game, like the improvements, but overall this game feels a little more unpolished around the edges than the last one.

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@EuanDewar said:

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this just put me in an epic mood, forgot about this song.

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Happens here and there, but the AI is certainly not broken. I'd be lucky if they didn't move so much, shooting heads is a lot more difficult when they're moving around.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: True dat. I find myself having to get into melee-range or closer to land a good shotgun blast, and I still end up missing half the time. I could just suck, though...

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#13 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6117 posts) -

@BUD said:

@TheDudeOfGaming: True dat.

Tiny Tina?

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Haven't gotten that far yet. That is definitely something these writers would make somebody say, though.

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@tphickma said:

@EuanDewar said:

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this just put me in an epic mood, forgot about this song.

I love that song. Curiously enough, I had never seen that music video. Made my night.

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Yeah the AI feels wierd sometimes. This happend in my game (less AI problems, and more just general bug)

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#17 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

Clearly not remembering Borderlands 1 correctly. This sucks though, but I prefer the only occasionally broken we have now.

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Careful OP, people are going to claim you're only bitching about the AI because Jeff did

Anyways, I was playing split screen yesterday and my friend stepped away for a second and when he came back i was facing him and there was a bandit standing right behind him doing nothing at all. Neither of them moved, and then my friend used his active ability (he was playing as Zero) and then quickly did a 180 and killed him. A few minutes later I came across a guy who wasn't moving at all, so I ran up right behind him and just kept melee-ing (is that a word?) him in the back until he died.

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That's happened to me a few times. I don't mind it. It gives me some time for my shield to recharge.

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#20 Posted by MHumphreys89 (785 posts) -

@Irvandus: This never happened to me in the original Borderlands, the problem I had were the bosses were so big that the environment geometry made it so they'd get stuck easily, thus I could pick them off with ease; not so much an AI problem.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Happens here and there, but the AI is certainly not broken. I'd be lucky if they didn't move so much, shooting heads is a lot more difficult when they're moving around.

Headshots are still really easy for me to pull off. Even though the enemies exhibit a bit more dynamic movement, they still more often than not will just stand there shooting while I'm aiming down my sniper scope. Frankly the only strong complaint I have towards BL2 is its balancing issues. I like many others enjoy doing just about every quest that pops up, but in doing so has left me over-levelled and for like every quest I take on now I'm at least 2 levels higher than the opposition. This exact same problem was in the original Borderlands as well. I guess I can understand why they done it, since if you skip over a lot of the side stuff you're perhaps a little under-levelled? It's just too bad that they still couldn't quite get the right difficulty balance for the sequel.

I should probably note that I'm also playing on my lonesome, if that factors into things. Maybe working in a full group of 4, regardless of level, boosts the difficulty up enough that it's a healthy challenge.

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i still get a lot of running straight at me. the bullymongs seem to move more dynamically like promised. all the enemies only seem to stagger when you've almost got them killed (which is a neat touch IMO).

so far the beefy shield guys seem to be the most obnoxious.

edit: game seems a lot tougher too IMO. repeated dying seems to be par for the course (i do remember one horrible segment in BL1 where you had to run down a long open area with these two uber powerful turrents gunning you down all the way. took having to use a real long range sniper rifle to wear it down)

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Hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood). They still run straight ahead or sit still and start dumping (for the bigger enemies).

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@EuanDewar: Thanks for that. I hadn't thought about that video in a long time.

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