Borderlands 2 demo at Gamescom 2011 * spoilers maybe*

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I just got back from Gamescom where i had the change to sit in on a live demo of Borderlands 2; here is some of what was shown (the demo was in German and my German isn't that good). 
First of all you play a new character (as shown in the teaser) during the demo we also encountered Roland, who was held by Hyperion in a hovering machine with a force field arround him. You try to free him by shooting the machine as it moves through the level and they throw waves of enemies your way. At some point the player got help from a female character, but i'm not sure if she was controlled by the AI or another player.  
During the demo a number of new enemies were shown along side skaggs, bandits and psycho's, one enemy (didn't see the exact name) looked like a sort of snow gorilla that could throw large boulders your way and do melee attacks (its the first enemy you see in the teaser). Later in the demo we encountered the new robots called Loaders. You have different types of Loaders; the Gun loader (as shown in the teaser) like the name says uses guns, the EXP loader which explodes and bigger versions like the Badass War loader which has two smaller flying bots that repair him during battle.  
The new skill tree was shown briefly with the first skill (like turret/phase walk or rage in the first game) being dual wield. Some new weapons were shown like the minigun that took some time to spin up but looked and sounded just great, and did massive damage at full speed. A sort of SMG you would shoot and when the clip was empty you threw it at your enemies and it would explode, but you would have a new one to start shooting with right away. They also showed a new vehicle, basicly a big jeep that could fit four people, one drives and the others can shoot.
Probably the best thing about the demo was the humor from the first game being back in full force, which really got me excited to play this sequal. Things like the Loaders killing off bandits while you move through the level, one steps on a bandits head when you come arround a corner, things like that. The final scene was briliant were you were close to saving Roland, but a big robot is constructed out of thin air in front of you. When its done it fires a small nuke and because of the blast the player gets thrown off a cliff, and on his way down throws up two middle fingers at the robot. End demo.
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Playing through Borderlands again currently, it's so good. Hope there's a new Siren class in #2. 

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Yeah i had to pick it back up after coming back from seeing 2, now trying to get the S-rank, although i play on PS3. Only need the Mad Moxxie trophies and a couple of randoms.
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@Bouke said:

Only need the Mad Moxxie trophies

Oh dear...

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Thanks for the write up, I'm really curious to the other classes tho!

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@Bouke said:
Only need the Mad Moxxie trophies and a couple of randoms.
Noooo! Don't do it :(
Wait...does that mean you've done Crawmerax?
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@ CrazyChris

                    @Bouke said:

Only need the Mad Moxxie trophies and a couple of randoms.


Noooo! Don't do it :(  Wait...does that mean you've done Crawmerax?



Yeah i know what you mean, pretty happy i didn't buy Mad Moxxi; i game shared it with a friend. Only two more of the large coliseum left; wow they take soooo long! Actually other then that i think i only need the Craw en the "all missions in Knoxx" trophy. But i need some people to take Craw down with... tried a bunch of time on my own, but thats not working. My friends also need it so i've been waiting for them to get there. Any PS3 players that still need Crawmerax!?
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Cant wait for this game, the first one was fun but had a lot of issues. 
More polish and more guns this time round I hope!

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1. SMG clip-grenade sounds awesome.
2. Falling off a clip flipping two middle fingers at the robot... Duke, is that you?

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