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I'd thought for ages that there was a rumoured Borderlands sequel called Borderworlds. Even only a few days ago I saw it referred to as such.
Yet, obviously the game is quite clearly being called Borderlands 2, and I haven't seen a single other person even say Borderworlds since.
Am I going crazy?
On another note, I do prefer it when games (and movies) use a non-numbered style of sequelling. It just seems more unique, for obvious reasons.

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#2 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

I have never heard that name, but it sounds more interesting than Borderlands 2.

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I think Borderworlds is just what people decided to call the Borderlands sequel(or perhaps Borderlands-based MMO), but it was never really grounded in anything. I've used that name a couple times.

Edit - Nevermind.

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#5 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

Borderworlds sounds like an MMO spin-off.

I like the name Borderlands, it's evocative of the locations the game takes place in.

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#6 Posted by moomoomashoo (36 posts) -
@Rufi91 said:

I've never heard the name before but a quick use of your friend and mine Google shows me that Gearbox trademarked Borderworlds so the name has been thrown around. You are not going crazy.

Why did I not think to even google it...?  
Durrr. Oh well, thanks anyway. I suppose this way, if anyone else wants to know the answer, they can see this topic.
Thanks guys ^_^
I suppose to continue this thread going, which do you prefer? Like I said, I always prefer the non-numbered style. Like Batman(BatmanBatman)
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#7 Posted by Dejkrigeren (389 posts) -

If they are going to add travel between planets at some point in the future, Borderworlds sounds like a better name.

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borderworlds has been trademarked by gearbox. and they also renewed the trademark about 2 months ago. you can look up the legal documents online. 
maybe an accompanying MMORPG is coming like the kingdoms of amulur guys are doing but thats just complete speculation 
any way BORDERLANDS 2!!!! fuck yea

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First off I'm super excited for Borderlands 2. Also as the bombast said a long long time ago that borderworlds would be their MMO spin off. 

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#10 Posted by Renahzor (1043 posts) -

There were many stories about this possibly being a spinoff MMO, and the game certainly has those trappings, so I wouldn't be shocked to see a Borwerworlds MMO sometime in the future.  

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I assume Borderworlds was just what they were potientially going to call the sequel (which is obviously going to be a bigger game).. Similar to how they considered calling Torchlight 2 something else, because it doesn't just take place in one town this time. But Borderworlds was just a horrible name, so it's not surprising that they just went with Borderlands 2.

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Borderworlds doesn't roll off the tongue very easily. The 'w' mucks it all up.

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#13 Posted by SlashDance (1867 posts) -

Yeah, I don't like that game at all.

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