Bring Borderlands 2 to Ps Vita!

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As much as I would like Borderlands 2 on my Vita, it's not like Gearbox themselves couldn't hire an external developer to do the port for them. That happens all the time with handheld versions.

This is more about Gearbox not being willing to risk creating a Vita version on their own dime, and want Sony to pull out the old moneyhat (or more likely, promise some degree of marketing and development support). Not that that's a bad idea, just hope Gearbox's expectations are reasonable... Sony is certainly not going to pay for the whole port without getting the majority of the profits in return.

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@BlackLagoon: Yeh I was thinking the same thing. Sony shouldn't put solely their resources into this port, but if Gearbox and Sony made a partnership that was mutually beneficial, the chances of the port go up a great deal. I'm sure Sony wouldn't be opposed to striking a deal to bring one of the biggest games coming out this fall to the Vita.

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How about we get some Vita games that aren't just shit versions of 360/PS3 games.

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@VitaOwner said:

I'm sure Sony wouldn't be opposed to striking a deal to bring one of the biggest games coming out this fall to the Vita.

Sony wouldn't. Gearbox might.

See, thus far the Vita hasn't gotten the best reputation. I hardly believe that it's a bad machine, but there isn't much to play on it at the moment. It hasn't proven itself any better than the lackluster PSP as far as quality goes; for that matter, it may well have started off worse than its predecessor. And the Vita hasn't gotten a crapload of sales, either - the PSP at least had the luxury of also being a good video and MP3 player in a day and age where iPods hadn't already cornered that market. If you then consider that a whole lot of Vita owners probably also have a PC, 360, and/or PS3, which are all better systems for playing first person shooters in general, then you'll find that the demand for a Borderlands 2 on Vita doesn't sound so hot.

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@believer258: The president of Gearbox was the one who suggested porting it to the Vita and said he and his staff were big fans of it. I agree that they probably didn't initiate the Ps Vita version at the same time as the PS3/360/Pc versions because they weren't sure how the system would fair at the time they began development on Borderlands 2. They seem to have hope for it now though to promote a port to the system and could be following the leads of companies like activision and Ubisoft who are releasing big games this fall which could dramatically increase sales of the Vita.

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