Can you reset your TVHM playthrough?

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#1 Posted by RiteHandLuv (14 posts) -

Im almost finished with TVHM going through mainly the story missions so that I could go back and get the side quest rewards at level 50. However, I recently heard that if you already accepted a quest before reaching lvl 50 that the reward will stay locked at the lvl you accepted the quest in. So since Ive accepted most of the quests I basically screwed my chances of getting lvl 50 rewards right? Is there a way to delete your TVHM playthrough and start a new one, or am I screwed?

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#2 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (6196 posts) -

Sorry to say it, but you're basically screwed. Your best hope is to either hope that Gearbox adds a reset feature in a future patch, or to go through the game again with a new character. It's fun to replay with another character anyhow, and you can always trade weapons between characters, plus you're always adding to your badass rank, so it's not doing the same exact thing for no other benefit.

Still kinda sucks, though.

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#3 Posted by RiteHandLuv (14 posts) -

I figured so much. Oh well, I really didnt need another reason to keep playing the game, I love the damn thing.

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Eh some missions can be repeated and there is alot of level 50 only content in Captain Scarlet, not to mention Terramorphous. I wouldn't worry about it.

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#5 Posted by xMrSunshine (386 posts) -

Some of the quest rewards are pretty sweet at lvl. 50 but nothing you wont replace with a couple of decent drops at post lvl. 50 TVHM. So don't sweat it and farm those bosses like you've never farmed before.

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#6 Posted by CatsAkimbo (789 posts) -

What you might be able to do is join someone who did it correctly (beat the game then picked up side quests) and do the side quests with that person. Since you haven't finished the side quests in your game, you should get a reward -- and since their side quest is level 50, it should be a level 50 reward. Though finding a person like that is probably very difficult.

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@RiteHandLuv: I'm one of the people CatsAkimbo mentioned... :) After having to replay about eight hours of end-game yesterday because of the maddening Talon of God glitch, my Siren is finally at level 50 and so I've started picking up her side quests. My GT is knitlife, feel free to add, to my own disbelief I still cannot get enough of this game.

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#8 Posted by AlisterCat (7611 posts) -

I figure the 2 lvl50 raid bosses will offer better loot than the side quests will.

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#9 Posted by JoeyRavn (5234 posts) -

@AlisterCat said:

I figure the 2 lvl50 raid bosses will offer better loot than the side quests will.

The only two bosses worth farming are The Warrior and Terramorphous. And the latter only if you can consistently kill it quickly (Bee + CC/BM, for example). Both Hyperius and Master Gee take too much time to kill to be a good source of weapons. The Warrior can be killed in less than 60 seconds per run, starting from the last checkpoint before the fight and counting the time it needs for its death animations.

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