conference call farming and warrior drop rates...

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#1 Posted by ssc604 (38 posts) -

so i've been farming the warrior for the past 2 days, about 2-3 hours a day

looking for conference call...but from what i've read on other forums

if you don't get it on the first drop (moonshot kill) you won't get it at all cause of the retarded drop rates

anyone having any luck with doing this?

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#2 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

I seen an orange item that was wedged under the warrior the first time i killed him and it was completely inaccessible after exhibiting 15 minutes of futile energy. I've farmed him a bit today and only had one other orange item drop which turned out to be a handsome jack skin for a gunzerker (i'm a siren)
Why the fuck doesn't the warrior disintegrate like every other thing in the damn game, i dunno. 
Aside from whatever that orange item was, i've lost lots of items this way. So frustratingly stupid. 
I farmed him a bit solo and the loot got progressively worse after about 4 or 5 attempts. Then i did it split screen and it got a bit better and after another 4 or 5 attempts he spit out a bunch of whites and like 3 greens. 
This is playthrough 1 btw.

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#3 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

I got the conference call the first time I killed him in vault hunter mode. Since then I have been farming him for other oranges but I'm starting to think he doesn't drop any more. Also the fact that you can't get at some of the loot is shit.

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#4 Edited by white (1685 posts) -

I spent probably about 6-8 hours cumulative trying to get him to drop the CC. Either he didn't dropped it at all, or the gun 1) fell underneath his rock-hard face 2) flew far into the distance into lava.

So I gave up and went to cheat at the slot machines instead.

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#5 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

He dropped conference call on my second kill so that isn't true, OP. Just keep at it.

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#6 Edited by ssc604 (38 posts) -

iknow that if you leave the area and come back, the loot will still be there but the warrior will be gone

so if you guys ever get some item you want from underneath. just leave the area and run back thru hero's pass

as for the conference call, alot of people are telling me it'd be faster to just remake a char and try again

MariachiMacabre you must be really lucky to get a orange item on any try other then the first

ps - if anyone plays on the 360 could you dupe me a CC? im going crazy farming this thing

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#7 Posted by Tennmuerti (9136 posts) -

@ssc604: I have got several orange items from the warrior when farming him and never when killing him for the first time. The drop rates are simply random and low.

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#8 Posted by ssc604 (38 posts) -

@Tennmuerti said:

@ssc604: I have got several orange items from the warrior when farming him and never when killing him for the first time. The drop rates are simply random and low.

well do you have a conference call you could dupe me?

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#9 Posted by Tennmuerti (9136 posts) -
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#10 Posted by ViciousOne (3 posts) -

he dropped conference call my first time killing him, landed under i was hoping i would be able to get it if i come back, and i wouldve...but when entering his lair it FROZE.....first time it ever freezes, it hates me. so now i got nothing haha

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#11 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

I spent three days farming him and he didn't drop a single orange item. Then some guy joined my game as I was putting in a Shift Code and he offered me one plus a better version of The Bee than what I had.

@laserbolts: He has at least 3 orange weapons to drop. Some of the purples he's dropped in the three days that I farmed him were better than other level 50 oranges that I've seen.

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#12 Posted by ViciousOne (3 posts) -

nice...also my skills just stop working sometimes. im not sure y..then i have to reset them for them to work again. and my badass points got erased, im having horrible luck with this game. loved the first one. now i gotta get my badass rank back up even though it didnt reset the badass quest to only the points. sigh

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#13 Posted by kodyturd (2 posts) -

ive been farming him for 10+ hours if anybody can dupe the conference call with me i would much appreciate it my gt is XxErinGoBrahxX

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#14 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

Nice to see that I'm not the only one struggling with the drop rates.

I killed the warrior 25+ times in a row boosting one of my characters in TVMH without any oranges dropping.

Both characters had the rare loot relic equipped if that means anything.

Frustratingly a few times he dropped mostly whites.

I wasted ten hours farming Terramorphous, the Warrior, and Madame von Bartesby without getting the loot I was searching for.

These frustrating drop rates and the cheap shots that Hyperius takes made me quit this game. Gearbox really has some game balancing to do...

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#15 Edited by knitlife (56 posts) -

I farmed the Warrior at least 30 times after finishing TVHM and it dropped one orange grenade mod the first time and an underpowered Volcano sniper about twenty kills in. Put together a decent Gunzerker setup from those runs (basically two purple Bandit shotguns, transfusion slag grenade mods, and a cooldown relic), but no other oranges and still no decent fire SMG since about level 35.

For a few hours I found a calm, perverse pleasure in farming after the "end" of the game, but eventually the return just didn't seem worth the time. The drop rates were uniformly terrible throughout TVHM, even worse when soloing. Nothing but whites in non-treasure chests. I've only played ~15 hours of BL1 (5 of those before BL2 dropped) and the drop rates were so much better in comparison (orange in vending machines, whut). What are these games about? Shoot, and loot. Need more loot. Tweak the darn drop ratios, Gearbox.

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#16 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (949 posts) -

i don't even bother farming warrior for the conference call. after the first kill, i landed 2 oranges in tvhm, and it's been purple rain and blue monday since then. i doubt i'll see another orange from the warrior. many of the purples that have dropped are now my primary weapons. i'd farm terramorphous, but i lack CC and the bee. i did, however, get terramorphous down to 50% with my mechromancer. i did it with some decent purples and 150 anarchy. i died after running out of ammo and making a mad dash for some that had dropped during the fight.

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#17 Posted by Snail (8890 posts) -

How the fuck does this thread have 13,374 views?!

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#18 Posted by dudeglove (12728 posts) -

@Snail said:

How the fuck does this thread have 13,374 views?!

Because keywords.

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#19 Posted by TheFalconProduction (71 posts) -

Ive been farming The Warrior on Playthrough 2, got the Vault Hunter's Relic for an extra 5% rare loot drop. Ive been getting orange guns, grenade mods, and a shield. I just need the Conference Call. It IS possible to get it, its just the chances of getting it seems like 0.000001%

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#20 Posted by joedavies54379 (2 posts) -

hey if anyone still checks here i had nothing for ages then got a flakker yesterday i got a flakker after 4 kills with a mate, then we went on to other things and left him, and then this morning second time round i got a conference call , so hope is out there

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#21 Posted by Sinusoidal (3431 posts) -

I miss chest farming from Borderlands 1. Each boss in 2 seems to have one thing in particular I really want from them, and the only way to get it is to pummel that boss over and over and over which gets old really fast. Then forty kills later, said boss drops one of its other oranges that is totally useless to my build (hello assassin's head from the Bunker when I'm playing a gunzerker and really, really want a Sham.) At least with the chests I could run around in different locales while I farmed for something specific, and tended to find unexpected, useful surprises along the way.

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#22 Posted by RiteHandLuv (14 posts) -

Anyone with a Conference Call or Bee they would be willing to dupe me? Ive been farming for these SOBs for 8 hours or so and nothing. Im 34 with a wife and 3 kids and dont have time to fight the same damn bosses over and over lol. Wife was making fun of me this morning, telling me its just a game, your wasting your time, Im beginning to believe her. Please have pity on me. Im on 360 BTW.

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#23 Edited by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (949 posts) -

@RiteHandLuv said:

Wife was making fun of me this morning, telling me its just a game, your wasting your time, Im beginning to believe her. Please have pity on me. Im on 360 BTW.

i can confirm this. i've heard her giving RHL a hard time.

like RHL, are there any good people on xbox live who'll be willing to dupe the bee and conference call?

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#24 Posted by Gruff182 (1065 posts) -

I got it the first time on TVHM. Then I saw online how lucky I actually was, lots of people after that.

If your on PC I recommend looking into cheat engine, theres a drop rate mod for it. The legendary drop rate is set at something like 0.0000981 you can set it to 10x more likely and that puts it up to 0.1 chance to drop a legendary. (I only play with friends, don't ruin randoms games)

You could kill Hyperius or whoever 100 times and never see a legendary, which is a bit silly for a non-mmo. If you show restraint the cheat engine is pretty cool. (btw I got the CC on my first kill without CE, dumb luck)

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#25 Posted by Tennmuerti (9136 posts) -


CE thread is a bit long, do you have a linky to the specific script/mod?

<-- is lazy

Also i've been out of the loop for a while, is there a mod yet for head/skin drops?

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#26 Posted by KillaRanger420 (2 posts) -

I have been trying to get the conference call forever. I have a bee I'm willing to dupe if someone is willing to dupe me the CC. Xbox 360, gamertag: KillaRanger420

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#27 Posted by Hmm_Thats_Sweet (2 posts) -

It's possible, i just got the CC after about a week of grinding in TVHM, it was possibly the most depressing time i've had playing a game. Must have killed him somewhere around 500 times lol. If anyone has any orange assault rifles they'd want to dupe I'll dupe you back the CC.

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#28 Edited by TheLostSailor (7 posts) -

@ssc604: I know that this forum is pretty old, but with farming the Warrior. The legendary drops and purples are quite annoying when they get stuck under the Warrior's body etc, but there IS a way to get that item. It's quite annoying, but at least you won't be denied the legendary you got. Simply go out of the zone, and then go through all the mobs to get back to the Warrior and he should be despawned from the ground. DO NOT SAVE AND QUIT for this will reset him, and you'll have to kill him again, etc.

All legendaries can drop unlimited times from all the sources I have read from, the Warrior and Terramorphus both can drop any legendary in the game besides ones from the DLC. It's just a matter of your luck, and how many times you do it. Some legendaries (From mini-bosses around the Borderlands, to the main bosses from the quest line) have such low drop rates, I have heard from people who have killed them 100 times literally and still have not seen it. If you begin to farm a legendary, and it doesn't drop after many tries, go farm a different one and go back to it another day to evade any anger you might accumalate because I know I for one got quite aggravated when the fire Conference Call dropped and I was unable to loot it, then the next day I was told of going out of the zone then fighting the mobs again, or just running through them.

So overall, just DON'T GIVE UP. They will drop, it just takes patience. I also reccomend HIGHLY to farm The Bee shield from the radio station operator in Arid Nexus - Boneyard. It is by far the best shield in the entire game and will make farming ALL other legendaries much, much easier. For a rough idea of what it does, there are many versions of it, but the main one that I was lucky enough to get my 5th try is the main one. It is simply titled "The Bee" and it has a shield capacity of about 26k, charge delay of 2 or 3 seconds, and it regens the shield completely. It's an AMP shield and it adds 50,000 increases damage to all your shots. The thing about this shield is tho, the AMP DRAIN is 0. Yes, you heard right, ZERO. So as long as you do not get hit, 50k increased damage to all your gunfire.

I hope this helped! If anyone wants to play some Borderlands with me I am on the PS3 and my PSN is "LordOfSeraphs". I have a 50 Siren, and all other classes besides the Mech 15 and under that I have yet to level up higher. Just send me a friend request and say you got my PSN from Giant Bomb and I'll definitely add you! Most of my friends are playing BOP2, and Borderlands is increasingly fun with other players so, definitely add me :] I haven't quite got there, but I can get Terramorphus to 20% myself, and I know where several easter eggs are in the game.

I hope this helped, happy gaming! :D

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#29 Posted by anden1006 (2 posts) -

Ive been farming warrior on playthrough 2 trying to get this damn weapon, 24 hours strait farming, still no Conference call... So i was wondering if some nice guy would dupe it to me :ON PC: Add me on Anden1006 :) Thx for reading this and if u got it pls consider:)

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#30 Posted by Xism24 (2 posts) -

yes I didnt get a Conference call til I went through true vault hunter mode, I killed him like 5 or 6 times and found it laying out beside him, then the second time I killed him he dropped a legendary sniper rifle called Barking Volcano, but I hear he drops a Conference Call shotgun with Slag, one with Corrosion, one with Fire, and Electricity....not sure about explosive lol but im still killing him to find out!! For the hopefuls, you will get it eventually!! JUST....KEEP....KILLING HIM!!!...alot

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#31 Posted by Sinusoidal (3431 posts) -

Nah, too many other games to play to spend tens of hours killing the same stupid boss over and over.

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#32 Posted by flunkgod (2 posts) -

wow... i never knew i was this lucky until i read this topic... on my first time through bl2, i got a legendary from knuckledragger, got the kerblaster frim midge mong and i got the emperor from the assassins all on the first kill. far later, i got the conference call from the warrior on my first kill. second time killing the warrior, i got the impaler. the third time killing the warrior, thinking that it always drops orange weapons, i killed it. no legendaries dropped, so i googled it and i found this page

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#33 Posted by NefariousGrim (3 posts) -

ive been farming the warrior for 5 days now about 8 hours today orange weapons. no conference call. could someone please dupe me for xbox. im "TwistedVanity". too swap i have these legendarys level 50; assault rifle rhythmic kerblaster 23578 explosive damage. derp nukem rocket launcher 322212 damage (cool nuke mushroom cloud explosion) . cure logans gun pistol. the bee sheild. grenade mod longbow bonus package. grenade mode rolling thunder. assassin mode slayer of terramorphus class mod has loads of bonuses. pistol stiff unkempt harold. grenade mod sticky homing bonus package. shotgun desperate flakker. loads of purple including a sniper rifle longitudinal hybridfication 27351 elecric damage 2.0 fire rate with the bee my skill tree and mods first shot does over 133k damage to warrior then stacking bonuses after that. an even better shotgun and finally a level 30 relic that +54% ammo for launcher & sniper& assault rifle. . . .

all i want is conference call !!! ! ! and a legendary sniper would be nice.

please and thank you. TwistedVanity on the xbox.

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#34 Edited by dreo (2 posts) -

btw I've completed bl2 8 times (twice each toon) and haven't ever gotten a legendary from moonshot'ing the dragon and I even leave and come back to check if any were lying underneath it but nope.

I still farm him today hopping for a legenary to drop.


(btw I just signed up for this site :) )


Completed it again and got nothing

also through normal farming I just got flakker

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#35 Edited by XxHash7agSwagxX (2 posts) -

Is there anyone who would dupe me any orange weapons or good purps/blues I only have an infinity pistol and that's not good anymore please dupe for me my username is my GT on 360

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#38 Edited by Hardcorehaydn (2 posts) -

I've been farming the warrior for upwards of 40 hours. The entire time using 2 people, both with the rare loot relic. So far I've gotten...

1 Flakker

2 Volcanos

3 Leechs

4 Impalers

1 Sledge's Shotgun (Fancy the fact that he doesn't even have this on his drop table, so it's an even rarer drop)

0 Conference Calls

I suppose all I can gather from this, is that I'm one lucky fella.

And of course the Infinity Pistol is one gun that has managed to elude me for hours on end... Once again with 2 people with rare loot relics.

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#39 Posted by mindkrack (2 posts) -

i just finished tvhm with my first level 50 character and the moonshot save is really the way to go. i've read that defeating the warrior for the first time, there's a 75% chance of him dropping a legendary. farming him after you've killed him, the drop rate falls drastically. playing a moonshot save over and over retains that 75% chance of him dropping a rare, plus you don't have to go through hero's pass or kill the warrior again.

i've been farming off and on since last thursday and have gotten several of every flavor (some elemental) of conference calls: reactive, potential, scalable, practicable, social, restructuring... and finally the one i really wanted, the critical CC dropped. of course the critical landed beneath the warrior so i had to go through hero's pass again, but i ran through. not as many enemies, no constructors. just have a rocket launcher equipped to use just in case you need a second wind.

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#40 Posted by fierylover (2 posts) -

I farmed the warrior a few times and got volcano on second.

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#41 Edited by matthewc1515 (2 posts) -

*******READ THIS******* I got 2 conferance calls in about 7 hours. He has a higher chance to Legendary's WHILE YOU ARE KILLING HIM FOR THE QUEST. This means that in order to farm him, you should make a new account and beat it with your lvl 50 (rush story mode) Get to second playthrough warrior. Make sure you don't let the game save after you kill him. If you search the loot and didn't get a conferance call, open the xbox360 menu and press Y to dashboard out without saving. Then kill him again.

Note-You will have to kill handsome jack every single time, but I promise it's worth it. 2 CC's in about 7 hours? My gunzerker is happy as shit.

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#42 Posted by Nictel (2696 posts) -

@snail said:

How the fuck does this thread have 13,374 views?!

The thread pinged everyone at once.

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#43 Posted by watermelon69 (2 posts) -

Okay I have you all beat. I finished PT1 today with Krieg. I call in the moonshot, and I am so excited. I see my legendary drop, so I run over. I approach it, and it's a FUCKING LEGENDARY HEAD SKIN. Yes, my fucking legendary wasn't a cc or even a volcano or an impaler, but a fucking head. I farmed for two hours afterwards, and got a total of four purples and no legendaries. FML!

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willing to dupe a critical conference call on ps3 my psn name is snow_man_1999

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#45 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

@watermelon69: The legendary head skin unlocks it for all characters doesn't it? Plus, it's only PT1, so if you did get a legendary weapon it would only be level 30.

When I got my first legendary drop I was level 16 and it was a shield that slowed you down 50% and was only level 13. My next one was at level 32 and it was a level 6 grenade. Some folks just have no luck.

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#46 Posted by Joemanred (2 posts) -
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#47 Posted by Decafeiner (2 posts) -

okay guys, here's the deal : stop thinking that everythign si easy to get, or that 30 warriors is "alot"

I farmed him the past 3 days, made about 240 warriors in those days, I'm now up to 942 Eridium and about 3milion dollars, just with loot and sold items. I FINALLY dropped my CC (in Playthrough 1) so please stop complaining about how lows are the drop rates, after the first kill, the drop rate is near 0.1% chance to get a Conf Call, keep trying, you'll do it, just be patient and learn to fight for what you really want :P

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I'm on PC. Anyone willing to dupe? a Conference Call? rkcustom. Thanks all!

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#49 Edited by 980noscopeheadshot (2 posts) -

@hbkdx12: when i killed the warrior he always slides back into the lava if not just exit then go around through heros pass then get it

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After u beat the main mission to defeat warrior the drop rate of any cc from the warrior is less than 2% so like everyone is saying beat the Warrior over and over durring the main mission

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