December 1 BL2 Marathon for Charity/Support? Ideas needed

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Hey everyone,

I'm a huge fan of Borderlands and BL2. If you follow Gearbox's Mikey Neumann (2012 GB E3 live stream participant) on Twitter, you know he's still dealing with some medical issues that surfaced a while ago in the form of a stroke. I thought it might be cool to try to organize a bit of a GB community marathon to show support for Mr Neumann. I'm also looking for a way to use this to drive a donation to an MS-related charity -s omething like I donate $2 for every level I or party members gained in my games.

So two questions: anyone interested and any ideas for how I determine the monetary aspect? As for platforms, I'd be happy to split time across all three if there's enough interest.

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I don't have the first idea how you would handle the donation side of things, but I'd be happy to play for a good cause. Would it be worth contacting Gearbox for logistical or even simply promotional support?

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Men plan, and project managers laugh.

Looks like I'll be regression testing code this weekend, so no way I can commit to 24 hours of gaming. I'll get in what I can and make a donation to the National MS Society.

If you see me online, feel free to hop in my game. I'm finishing up play through one of the main story plus both DLCs as a level 29 Commando, have a level 9 Siren I'm playing a little bit and using mostly as a mule, and may start a third character for shits and giggles.

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