How did YOU play?

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#1 Posted by Sanjay_Collins (16 posts) -

Hey guys, quick question here for a new Borderlands fan (I played part of the first but basically ran through it and never really touched co-op) I'm a sucker for getting the most out of my games, as far as playthroughs and storyline goes I like to catch everything, and i dont skip scenes or anything like that. So here's my query. What's the best way to play Borderlands 2? I was thinking of running through my first playthrough by myself, since I can go at my own pace, so I can kinda get it all story wise before focusing on playing as a team. Then of course I would continue to do all the online stuff, with maybe a new character, focus on the loot and leveling etc.

But what do you think?

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#2 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Both single player and multiplayer are awesome, so it's a matter of personal preference.

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I've played this solo, with the occasional splitscreen co-op, and loving it so far. Some of the equipment I have found are made for co-op play and they have me interested in trying it out online someday. I was really focused on the story up to level 20 but now by level 27 I could care less and I actually play with the sound off and read the text when I so please. This has not lowered my enjoyment of the game though! Still loving every minute of it. I even love stressing over choosing what equipment to sell or keep. Maybe try a few 'brief' plays with every character until you reach level 15 or so. Find out who you like the best. I'm playing as Zero, and as much as I enjoy playing as him I'd like to try someone else... Only I am too invested in my Zero character now.

So yea, try out all the characters before starting your first playthrough. See who's ability you would use the most and/or find most useful for your play style. (I usual play stealth in games that allow it...yet for some reason I do no use Zero's ability as much as I probably should)

And yea I realize I didn't really answer the question. I think.

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#4 Posted by ki11tank (737 posts) -

if you wanna get the best coop just start the games yourself and have others join then it kinda goes at your own pace, if you join games based on your quest you can miss stuff.

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Played solo, myself. Did all of the sidequests I could before I progressed through the story missions, on my first playthrough. On my second, I'm saving the side-quests for 2.5.

Really though, there is no best way to play the game. It's preference, so it depends if you feel like working with others or not.

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#6 Posted by Robo (887 posts) -

I played through the campaign solo the first time, occasionally jumping on with some friends of mine who were a little behind me.

Playing now, I get online every now and then.

The problem with public games is there are far too many assholes who will just run up and take anything and everything blue or higher before anyone even gets a look. This game would have benefited greatly from Diablo/Torchlight-style individualized loot. Speaking of Diablo and Torchlight, there are also far too many people who just run through everything like it's a goddamned race, which is mildly less annoying the second time through aside from the fact that it occasionally splits up the pack and results in running into shit that ends up getting people killed.

Now, if you've got a group of like-minded friends then online is great. Of course, if your group is anything like mine, people will hardly ever be available to all play together.

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#7 Posted by Sanjay_Collins (16 posts) -

@Robo: haha exactly, Thats why I didn't want to play online for my first playthrough since I knew that a majority of people would just be sprinting through doing everything as fast as possible. which is annoying. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of gamer friends that have this title, so it looks like I'm always going to have to be playing with randoms

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I played my first character (a Commando) completely offline. I did all the sidequests in the first playthrough and only the main quest on True Vault Hunter Mode (so I could get to farm for better items earlier). I'm using a Mechromancer with a friend online from time to time.

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The sound design in the game doesn't make getting all the story very easy. All the voice overs are constantly being cut off by other voice overs. For example, there is a side mission where the main villain offers to pay you to kill yourself. If you do it he has dialoge about how stupid you are for doing it, but it gets interrupted by the respawn robot, which you hear every time you respawn. So basically you can never listen to that one time dialoge because it cut off by dialoge you hear dozens of times. The game throws so much dialoge at you that it's constantly interrupting itself.

I would do a bit solo but have my game set to public. Sometimes people would join and we'd tear through an area or two. Other times I'd look to join players that were a level or two ahead of me and a mission ahead so that I'd get good amounts of XP. Then when you get as far in your own game you can skip it.

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#10 Posted by Mystyr_E (1456 posts) -

started a Mechromancer playthrough, entirely solo

started a Maya playthrough who will only play online

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#11 Posted by Sanjay_Collins (16 posts) -

Well guys, I think I finally solved this question since I literally had to just shut off my system in frustration.

I've been trying to do both on my first playthrough (at least starting my game and setting it to Public) however, i ended up playing with may too many people who just want to rush through, making sure to get all the loot first without giving anyone else a chance, start about 8 different sidequests at one time then run through trying to complete it themselves, and generally just not playing with any type of regard to any other players.

So, i'll be completing the rest of the game solo, then i'll jump more into co-op with people who actually want to play cooperatively instead of as fast as possible.

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#12 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
@Sanjay_Collins: randoms are real assholes. 
Randoms will use 3-4 people to beat a boss/mission and get a chance for better loot, take the loot and then quit out before turning the mission in so they keep the xp for themselves.
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#13 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

@Sanjay_Collins: Randoms suck. I usually play solo, only started playing with a friend when I hit TVHM.

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#14 Posted by Sanjay_Collins (16 posts) -

Haha glad you guys agree that randos are the worst. That said, if either of you ever wanna play (since now I know you guys are the right ones to play with) let me know. I play on xbox and my gamertag is SanjayCollins (except the l's in collins are actually upper case i's... obscure wedding crashers reference haha) hit me up and we'll game, I'm gonna finish my first playthrough soon then probably start either a mechromancer or a assassin.

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#15 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
@Sanjay_Collins: im on ps3. Sorry dude
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#16 Posted by MagicVolcanoGurl (4 posts) -

Enjoyed playing single player so far. My place's internet's been too spotty to play multiplayer, though. ><;;;

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#17 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Single player only. I don't do multiplayer, for any game.

Started with Zer0. Re-distributed my points on a few occasions wondering if Zer0 is just underpowered or plain ol' boring. Sniper tree is effective but really boring. Melee tree is weak, especially in comparison to Brick. Brick melee was fun, Zer0 melee blah. Blah! Zer0 is BL1 Siren but without the stun ability, the boosted elemental, or the invincibility and speed boost of phasewalk.

I'm going to restart with a different character. Check out BL2 Siren I guess.

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#18 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -


Trying out the Mechromancer. Way more fun. Orders of magnitude. That's the Borderlands feel I was missing. Love the robot. Love!

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#19 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (949 posts) -

@HerbieBug: deathtrap is fucking awesome. summon it and watch the red dots disappear!

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#20 Posted by Karkarov (3385 posts) -

I played the best way that is the most fun.... organized friend only co op where we kept our characters on the exact same quest and literally did it all from start to finish co op only. Right now I am about half way through true vault hunter mode. It is just alot more fun when running with friends and doing it as a consistent team. Play wise I use Axton and go with a heavy guerrilla/turret build with some defensive talents. My co op buddy plays a 50/50 Maya half team heals and support and the rest in the catastrophe tree.

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#21 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1201 posts) -

I played a little in multiplayer and did not enjoy it. Thought the single player was fine though.

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#22 Edited by 815Sox (75 posts) -

Just got it, playing it solo now. Gonna run it solo for a bit, then would love to find some folks to play with. I do not think any of my friends own the game and most are still absorbed with FIFA anyways.

xbox gamer tag: HopsNotHate

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#23 Posted by Keavy_Rain (135 posts) -

Mechromancer, heavily favoring Best Friends Forever and in the middle tree far enough to max the Deathtrap melee boost.

Working on 20% Cooler now as Deathtrap cooldown is killing me (Literally, in TVHM)

I was ready to sell this game when Mechromancer dropped. She makes BL2 playable solo.

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#24 Edited by Venatio (4724 posts) -

I'm 76 hours in at the moment, I play it slooow, I've downloaded all the released DLC, so far I'm finishing every single quest I get, currently a lvl 27 Siren. I'm a bit of a completionist.
I played a couple of hours of mechromancer, about 6 so far. I've played with a couple of dudes from Giantbomb but I enjoy playing it by myself the most
Still haven't finished the main storyline

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#25 Posted by RHYMESCHEME23 (77 posts) -

I don't know many hours I'm in, but right now I'm a level 23 gunzerker. I'm at the part where Sanctuary is in the air and I'm doing all the sidequests before proceeding on with the main story. I actually want to level up to 35 before I move on.

I honestly play alone. I think it's better that way. I'm eager to try the Siren, but I figured I'd give her a shot and the co-op/online gameplay once I finish the game with the gunzerker.

I haven't even touched any of the DLC stuff yet.

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#26 Posted by metalsnakezero (2832 posts) -

Mostly solo but later on join some co-op play and had a faster and deep enjoyment.

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#27 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

My wife and I both loved the first Borderlands and so, with the second game, we planned things out. We both have characters we only play together, while we both have characters that we solo through things with. This gives us the best of both worlds and lets us have some VG fun time together without it feeling like we're being hampered or have to wait on the other to play. It's a good system.

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