How many guns?

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Originality I was planing to carry one, of each elemental type of gun. But then I did the math on that and realized that would take 25 slots, out of my maxed, 27 slots, not including my equip slots. Which sounds like way too many. So I'm just wondering, how many guns do you carry at any one time, and what type of guns do you carry at any one time?

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4-6 guns, including 4 equip slots, so 0-2 backback slots used

At least all 3 basic elemental types, maybe a slag, a rocket launcher to get out of second wind easy. Plus a wildcard or two. Types: mostly SMG/Sniper, rampage gunzerker needs a tight spread and fully auto fire,

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I only kept guns for my slots I had open at the time, plus maybe one or two more. I have a hard time replacing gear completely and it usually takes me several levels past a gun's effectiveness to finally sell it.

I played Siren first. I always had an SMG in the main slot (with some kind of elemental damage), a high damage pistol, a shotgun, and an assault rifle. I usually had a sniper rifle tucked away for things like constructors or bosses and sometimes had another elemental weapon on standby.

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I keep one for each type of ammo. I will also keep an extra slag weapon and corrosive weapon on hand if those elemental types aren't on any of the other weapons I want to be using regularly. They're just too useful. So I'm keeping between 6 - 8 weapons on me at all times. I also keep a fire weapon in my bank just in case. I haven't had a quest that requires one for a while, but the game sure had a fetish for requiring that elemental type in the beginning.

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#5 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (467 posts) -

I keep one for each active slot, and anything in my backpack is headed for the vendor. But I play mostly co-op, so the chances of neither of us having the right weapon for the job is slim.

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#6 Posted by falserelic (5768 posts) -

As long as the gun shells doesn't hit your partner's face then its all good.

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Ok, I think I will slim my pickings down.

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I'm shocked how few guns some of you seem to be using. I have 10-15 guns all the time. I usually keep 3 guns I like and switch in and out the last trying out in guns. I shot almost everything before I sell it, excluding clear cut trash. I like trying out the new stuff, and whenever rolling into n important fight I just switch back to what I know works.

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#9 Posted by myketuna (1893 posts) -

I only carry 4-5 guns that I actively use. I try everything I pick up that seems interesting, but that mostly gets marked as trash and I go on my way. Just recently got the 4th weapon slot and I just stick a rocket launcher in there for those dire situations.

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Maybe around 10, including equipped weapons.

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#11 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

7-12. I usually have three snipers, two SMG's, two shotguns, an assault rifle or two, and 2-3 pistols.

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#12 Posted by ChadMasterFlash (1000 posts) -

4-7. At least one of each type of gun.

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#13 Posted by laussica (187 posts) -

I'm still pretty early game at level 14 but I've been only keeping 3 guns on me, one fire, one corrosive and one wildcard, I'm very pro sell guns and hate having to drop loot

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#14 Posted by Pinworm45 (4069 posts) -

Play a commando. Shotgun in slot one, Assault Rifle in slot two, Sniper Rifle in slot three, and Rocket Launcher in slot 4. Keep nothing else, sell everything.

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#15 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Corrosive/Fire smg, Slag sniper and a rocket which is mostly just for easy second winds. Sometimes I'll carry a couple other guns like a Jakobs revolver in my inv, but seeing as though I rarely switched to them it's mainly just those four for now.

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#16 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

6 sniper rifles. One with high damage, one with a high rate of fire and 4 elemental sniper rifles. Also a rocket launcher and shotgun. So 8 weapons.

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#18 Posted by bigdaddy81 (377 posts) -

@rebgav said:

My Siren currently carries SMGs for fire, corrosion and shields, a rocket launcher, a fire shotgun, a vanilla shotgun, a corrosive sniper, a corrosive pistol, an explosive pistol and a plain assault rifle.

I like versatility and I don't like running out of ammo in the middle of a fight. I usually carry 8-10 guns covering all types and effects (except slag because, eh) and I'll switch them out depending on the area/team composition.

I can tell you from personal experience that slag is a lot more useful (one could argue downright necessary) once you start your second playthrough. Fire still does pretty well but most of the enemies suck up bullets like it's nothing until they are slagged. It's a pity I sold a really good slag pistol just before I started my second run. Like you, I never had a use for it in the first run.

So my advice for the second playthough: Slag'em and tag'em.

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#19 Posted by HH (932 posts) -

i usually carry a back up alternate for each slot, where the top slot is my main weapon, always a Torgue AR or Pistol (Siren motion build), left is either sniper or rockets, right is smg, and down is shotgun.

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#20 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Just 4. My commando has a rocket launcher, pistol, shotgun and either an SMG or assault rifle depending what I've found most recently. My assassin uses a sniper, pistol, smg, and assault rifle I think.

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#21 Posted by Fattony12000 (8300 posts) -

One weapon for each element is a bare minimum, the rest is just for fun.

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2-4 different elements for SMG, Pistol, Assault Rifle, and shotgun. I also carry a very powerful sniper and rocket launcher. With the other equipment I carry it's about 14-17 full slots at any given time so I have like 10 slots for random pickups on the the field.

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#23 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3227 posts) -

Playing as the assassin, I've settled into pretty much always keeping a sniper rifle, slag weapon, and melee-boosting weapon on my quick-draw bar at all times, with the other slot switched between Moxxi's Bad Touch and Good Touch as needed for elemental damage. A Tediore rocket launcher in the bag for emergencies, and I'm pretty much set. Leaves me around 24 slots to pick other stuff up, usually, which works out nicely when I spend 40,000 dollars on the slot machines at Moxxi's bar.

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