I can't get XP by kills in Borderlands 2 PLS HELP!

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Ok so I was playing Borderlands 2 and I realized that I wasn't getting XP for my kills like it wouldn't pop an XP thingy out of them and put it on my bar. I went to see if it was going up by 1 XP at least it was 766637 XP and didn't go up one single bit after a few kills this is on Xbox btw. But I go XP from finishing jobs and that's it. I don't know if it has anything to do with me and my friend playing because when he left and disconnect his controller from my Xbox and I went in solo it had a second controller which I thought was weird. So I did the stupid thing of just turning my Xbox off and not saving which was a really stupid thing to do. But I don't know if it had anything to do with that. I just need to see if there is a way to fix the bug without deleting my lvl 13 Siren PLS HELP.

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Were you perhaps replaying the start of the game with your level 13 siren? I know that if you are fighting enemies that are too far behind you in level, you do not get XP.

If you resume your own game and killing enemies that are your level doesn't result in XP, then try contacting Gearbox support: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=148322

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Are you killing enemies that are near your level?

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@oscar__explosion: Well I'm lvl 13 and I was killing lvl 7,8 and 9's I think but I definatley killing lvl 7's

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Yeah go kill things that are at your level or higher I think the cut off for gaining xp is around 5 levels below your current level.

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