I need a better shield?

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Borderlands 2 was one of my favourite games of last year. I really love this game. I played the Captain Scarlett DLC when it was released. I barely gained any XP while playing through it, so after I finished I started a new game on True Vault Hunter mode.

I played through most of the other DLC in this mode. I finished Tiny Tina and got to the final boss on the Torque DLC. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt was the first content I tried to play in NG+. I got so frustrated by my shield being completely depleted in one hit.

Borderlands is a loot game. I felt like my weapons were always getting better. Class modifications and grenades also seem to have got better. An enemy gives me a funny look and my shield is depleted. I'm not complaining about difficulty, it's just all the shields I get seem pretty worthless. I prefer this to how in BL1 you could get a shield with fast health regen which made you invincible. I play solo also.

Today I played through the Halloween DLC, I enjoyed it but fodder enemies taking off 75% of my shield annoyed me. Sorry, I needed to vent. I love this game

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Just buy a shield from a vendor?

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@xalienxgreyx: I should have made a better title for this thread. I have a pretty good shield, it just feels weak.

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I should have made a better title for this thread. I have a pretty good shield, it just feels weak.

Haha, well I don't know what to tell ya. I played for about 15 hours before I got bored and I don't remember my shield ever bugging me. I believe I used a shield with a fast recharge rate.

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@xalienxgreyx: I started a new game + to play some of the DLC and then I had issues. My weapons have got better but shields have got worse.

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There is an orange tier shield that drops from an enemy in..., I think it's called Caustic Caverns, near the Dark Souls easter egg. It's a turtle shield so it has about 4X the strength of a normal shield but it slows you down a lot. It's pretty good to throw on for a boss fight or for when trying to spawn Vermivorous. I try not to use it while fighting trash mobs because of how slow it makes you.

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Vendors have some very good shields TC.

Torgue DLC, and Hammerlock vendors especially if memory serves. Tiny Tina DLC I think too.

Terra drops a very good legendary one. Shield regen speed should be a priority also.

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That's just the way this game is. It's horribly unbalanced and unoptimized for single-player in the higher difficulties. All the gear feels way weaker than it should and all of the enemies seem overpowered, not to mention that finding any worthwhile loot is nearly impossible. Shields do feel worthless a lot of the time because of how quickly they deplete. I found that Nova shields are the best because since you will be going down a lot, the blasts they emit when depleted stand a pretty good chance of giving you a second wind, and when that happens your shields are restored.

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