Intel HD 4000, Surprising results

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After posting in many forums across the internet, asking people if my laptop with an Intel HD 4000 Integrated GPU with an i7-3520m 2.90 GHz dual core processor would be able to run Borderlands 2, I got feedback mostly saying it would struggle to run on low-medium settings, and look worse than the console version. I've just played for the past 90 minutes on 1366 x 768 resolution, texture quality and game detail on medium, and capped 50 fps, with most other settings set to on, and it has played extremely smooth. Just thought i'd post this for anyone thinking about playing borderlands 2 with an Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU with a decent mobile processor.

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The HD 4000 = slightly less than the GT 330M or the last Nvidia Macbook pro 15 inch back in 2010. Performance is somewhere between a 2010 13 inch macbook pro and a 2010 15 inch macbook pro.

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@MPatnode1: You could certainly do worse than the Intel HD 4000. It's far and away better than something like a Intel 950gm or something. ha.

Glad you're able to enjoy the game on your laptop. :)

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Just signed up to say that I appreciate you posting this, as I have a 2012 13in Macbook Pro with HD4000 and intel i7 (ivy bridge), and was uncertain looking at various minimum system requirements. I had recently finished Borderlands (original) and was unsure if the sequel would be too intense. Borderlands was ok with high game textures and high detail, but struggles with shadows on. I'm keen to see how Borderlands 2 will compare.

Thanks again.

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I have an Intel HD 3000. How does that stack up?

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I just got a new laptop about a month ago with the Intel HD 4000 in it, as well as the same processor as the OP, and I have been pretty surprised by it's performance as well. I didn't think when I got it that it would be able to play games quite as well as it can, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I had recently gotten some pretty good looking games on Origin thanks to the free code thing, and while I can't max out the settings, I can definitely play it at settings that look really good. Obviously it's not the way to go if you are serious about playing games on your PC, but for someone like me who plays mostly console games, but enjoys a PC game here and there, it's not half bad.

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built in graphics are always overlooked but they arent as useless for gaming as they were 8 years ago. they are vastly improving with the popularity of all in one cpu gpu chips which you see in smartphones and game consoles

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@Daiphyer said:

I have an Intel HD 3000. How does that stack up?

Apparently HD 4000 is a good deal faster. Maybe twice as fast. This benchmark puts it higher in most cases, but they're pairing it with an older processor.

Intel has been taking leaps forward with it integrated graphics chips in the last few years. Besides the die shrink, Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge was pretty much all about the integrated graphics.

Edit: forgot the link!

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The original Borderlands was extremely well optimized for games at the lower end of the system requirements. My laptop has an old Nvidia 9500M. I played the original Borderlands on mid-high settings with a decent framerate. I assume the sequel will be similarly well optimized.

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If you do some tweaks in your config files you can get some decent 10+fps with not much loss in gmail quality. That's how I'm running it on my 2009 MacBook pro with 256mb vm and can manage 30-40fps on medium settings

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Battlefield 3 ran surprisingly MEH (but "playable") on an intel 4000


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