Intel i7 960 temps wayyyyyy to hot on BL2.... Y?

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I'm having significant issues with running BL2 and hitting temps of 94C after approx. 2 hours of gameplay. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is? Is it BL2 or should I be significantly worried about my CPU. Other games it never gets over 72C.


-Clevo X7200(18" Laptop)

-Intel Core i7 960 3.2Ghz


-SLI NVidia 485M 2GB

300GB SSD Intel

180GB SSD Intel

-dedicated fans for each processor and chassis fan and sitting on laptop cooler with 3 120mm fans.

-GPU temps never above 70C

Also, I've already ordered new diamond thermal compound as well as a new fan for the cpu, but I'm just looking for some extra input.


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#2 Posted by Marz (6072 posts) -

are you running physx off the cpu or something? run a cpu monitor and see how much load there is.

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Did you set the framerate to "unlimited"? If you are, you might be rendering too many frames, causing your comp to push itself for no reason.

edit: derp, you said cpu, not gpu. I think it might be Physx like Marz suggested.

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#4 Posted by envane (1231 posts) -

apparently phsyx only uses gpu on HIGH , on medium and low it uses cpu , even for non nvidia users strangely eheh

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#5 Posted by Jackel2072 (2510 posts) -

I have an i7 2600k no heating issues here.

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#6 Posted by Belialjtg87 (46 posts) -
@envane Ok, actually I believe that may be my issue. So I turned the physx to medium to begin with just to decrease load, so lll try it on high because gpu temps only reaching 70, thanks
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#7 Posted by Belialjtg87 (46 posts) -
@Belialjtg87 I'll try it tonight, and repost, thanks again

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