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So I finally got around to playing borderlands 2 and i'm having some issues. My main issue is the map. It has been showing things that just are not there, like ammo and health vending machines. They show up on the map but not in the game. Also I used alt-tab to check my email quick the other day and when I was done I went to click on the BL2 icon but before I clicked I noticed it said Borderlands 2 (32 bit DX9). Is there a way to play in DX10 or 11?

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That's happened to me before. Those vending machines are probably above / below you.

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I'm pretty sure I know the exact area you're referring to, and it's not a bug. The machines are later in the level. The map just doesn't show you elevation changes. You'll loop back around and end up at the vending machines

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Yeah, the map is kind of confusing when it comes to elevation. They really needed a 3D Metroid Prime/Dead Space-ish map if they were going to have those kinds of elevation changes.

In the meantime, Borderlands 2 is a DX9-only game as far as I know. They did a ton of stuff to make it one of those games that stand as an example of how to do a PC port, so the lack of DX10 or 11 when it already looks so damn good for the most part doesn't bother me.

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