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#1 Posted by bigsmoke77 (849 posts) -

The borderlands website has put up a skill tree builder for all four of the launching classes. Just click on one of the characters and then and then View Skill Tree and start unloading points!

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#2 Edited by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -

Let the theory crafting BEGIN !!!!

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#3 Posted by Sanity (2151 posts) -

Nice, was hoping for something like this!

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#4 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (6084 posts) -

So happy to see this. :)

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#5 Posted by j3ffro919 (277 posts) -

And a good Friday night at home watching West Wing with my wife just got exponentially better.

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#6 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

Awesome way to start my Saturday! Time to plan ahead.

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#7 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Hours will be spent filling this out.

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#8 Posted by mosdl (3422 posts) -

Hmm, Healing-focused Maya sounds good since I am hoping to play with duders a lot.

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#9 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -
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#10 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Nice! Most definitely going to spend a bit of time going through each one.

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#11 Posted by Scrawnto (2554 posts) -

Man, I thought it was a sure thing that I'd be playing Zero. Sniping is my thing, usually. The gunzerker's gunlust tree looks awesome though, cycling through guns without ever having to reload, straight dumping on fools like the lobby scene in The Matrix. I could get down with that.

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#12 Posted by Slither_Maggot (288 posts) -

SWEET! So epic!

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#13 Posted by Slither_Maggot (288 posts) -

@Scrawnto: I've been waiting to get into some Salvador/Gunzerker action! WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

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#14 Posted by CaLe (4757 posts) -

Aww man I love building my critical hit damage and %chance, but not really feeling the Zero class. The turret stuff just seems super useful for a solo player like me. I think I'll be going Commando.

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#15 Posted by SavageManLove (156 posts) -

Wonder which class will work best for solo play? Zero looks kinda cool as a me lee ninja guy but wonder if that would require lots of strategy to not die a lot getting up close.

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#16 Posted by Funkydupe (3613 posts) -

The commando looks to be good for a solo run. With those sweet shield upgrades and the possibility of placing two sentry turrets at once that provide you with bullet, rocket and a shield cover that absorbs some of the incoming fire if you're positioned behind it.

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#17 Posted by Ares42 (3599 posts) -

Hmm, sorta disappointed with the amount of skillpoints. It's pretty much just a skill tree choice and then go with that. I suspect it will expand again though, with all the planned DLC. On the positive side though the trees seem to actually really change playstyle quite a lot.

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#18 Posted by bio595 (319 posts) -

@SavageManLove said:

Wonder which class will work best for solo play? Zero looks kinda cool as a me lee ninja guy but wonder if that would require lots of strategy to not die a lot getting up close.

It looks like the right hand skill tree lets you kill enemies quickly using deception. The Execute and Many Must Fall skills compliment each other nicely, and the Grim skill would make it faster to get back into Deception.

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#19 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Does anyone know if they left the weapon proficiencies in the game?

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#20 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

All ready planned my commando play style. 

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#21 Edited by Aishan (1068 posts) -

Quick one I worked up for Co-Op Maya, focusing on phaselock:

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Phaselock now:

  • Lasts 2.5 seconds longer
  • Cooldowns 30% faster (9.1 seconds if my maths is right)
  • Pulls enemies to the phaselocked target
  • Revives allies when used on them
  • Heals self and allies for 5%/sec while active
  • If an enemy dies in the duration, the phaselock moves to another target and allies are healed from 15-75%

Also some personal bonuses (25% Shields, -40% Shield Recharge Delay, +12% Damage, +16% Bullet Speed, +15% Max HP, 3.2% healing/sec) to make up points and the ability to heal partners by shooting them in the face.

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#22 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

@Aishan said:

the ability to heal partners by shooting them in the face.


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#23 Posted by Aishan (1068 posts) -

@Cincaid said:

@Aishan said:

the ability to heal partners by shooting them in the face.


Are you injured? Hold on, I'll get my gun.

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#24 Posted by Lazyaza (2484 posts) -

Yep gonna put most of my points in to Cataclysm with my Maya. Giant OP phaselock ball ftw, wonder if bosses can be trapped in them, that'd be hilarious XD

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#25 Posted by Aishan (1068 posts) -

@Lazyaza said:

Yep gonna put most of my points in to Cataclysm with my Maya. Giant OP phaselock ball ftw, wonder if bosses can be trapped in them, that'd be hilarious XD

Unfortunately not, the description for phase lock says certain enemies (i.e. bosses) aren't affected and just take a chunk of damage instead.

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#26 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

I'll most likely go with Zer0, though still somewhat undecided. Since I'll have Aishan shooting my face, hopefully I can focus on a heavy damage build without giving up too much survivability.

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#27 Edited by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -

Hmmm, having dug around a bit I am really liking where they took the skill trees overall. They seem much more balanced then in the first game, and more active skills as well that do something when X happens instead of just pure stat boosts (tho those still exist). While this makes the trees a bit harder to theory craft with and harder to make definitive super perfect builds. But I would rather have this more balanced approach. Also good to see every action skill have a whole boatload of modifiers that adjust how they function.

Some things to keep in mind: 1. The first play through you are going to be in the 30s by the end so if only playing through once you just have enough to top out one tree, just like in the first game. 2. That first run will be spent getting all those points so the builds won't actually start fully functioning for a long time. 3. Trees seem unfinished and broken a bit in a few places, like Zer0's Killing Blow vs. Iron Hand skills or that Deception bonus increases like crazy with each level.

@Ares42: You can almost top out 2 skill trees at max level (example 25/20) at the expense of not having the last class skills and one 5 point skill towards the end, but that can be played around with (like 26/19).

@SavageManLove: All classes seem quite adept at solo play if built correctly, with main factors for that i consider health and shield recharges. Altho some builds of Maya and Zero might have a bit harder time with bosses, but be more powerful in the rest of the game.

So i did some builds centered mainly around solo play:

Gunzerker Salvador

Seems pretty clear cut basic play styles. First is to have a constant firepower and staying power going while Gunzerkering is down, in the Gunlust tree it's all about keeping it going and going in a straight up fight. Secondly is Rampage centred builds focused on keeping Gunzerkering going as long as possible as frequently as possible. Brawn is the cookie cutter tanking tree if one goes all the way but it is a great tree to dip some points into for any build to up your solo survivability too.

Gunlust - very plain and simple build (this is what i will be going with my first time most likely):


The main feature here are plain damage output, never needing to reload, no reliance on Gunzerker, some solo survivability. Locked and Loaded + Quick-draw + Auto Load are the cornerstone, meaning every time you kill an enemy the reload happens automatically on guns in your inventory, you then swap the already reloaded for you guns gaining faster fire rate, have more crit damage. Other skills build on that like Money Shot. Keep cycling those guns to keep doing more damage. Keep killing to do even more damage overall (Lay Waste, Overkill). Have even more damage when no gunzerkering (keep it piping hot). Brawn keeps that trend going, your shields got busted? Do even more damage! Advantage for this build is usefulness in all circumstances be it normal enemies or tough bosses there is no downside.

(EDIT: it's possible if reload speeds get high enough that Quickdraw becomes obsolete at higher levels so the build can be adjusted)

Rampage - another simple build, all about Gunzerkering


Like mentioned a build centred around Gunzerkering. Last Longer + Yippee Ki Yay make your gunzerkering gown and going like a duracell bunny as long as enemies keep falling i fully expect that with good weapons you can keep it up (har har) an entire skirmish encounter. While skills like I am Ready Already + Get Some help reduce the somewhat nasty 42 second cooldown much lower. This will work best if you get some class mods to further reduce gunzerkering cooldown or increase those specific skills further. The rest of the skills simply make your gunzerkering more powerful Steady as She Goes + Double the Fun + Keep Firing and Aint got Time to Bleed from brawn tree to complement it further. (note: brawn tree can be cut down a bit by 5 points easily and this put into "5 shots out of 6" for basically double the ammo)

Commando Axton

Turrets turrets turrets, some rocket launchers? Nah more turrets. Turrets ^.^ seem much more central to commando play styles this time around with full on 2 trees making full use of them in slightly different ways. Which brings us to one weird point about the Commando, his skill trees are kind of a muddled hodge podge mess of skills thrown around the blender. Sure Gunpowder seems to focus more on solo guns, Survival on keeping alive but they freely mix and match skills with other trees such as survavibility being also in Guerilla tree, Gunpowder tree having turret skills etc. It makes for less individually defined skill trees, but on the flipside makes them more fun (and difficult) to play around with and theorycraft, making for more interesting possibilities. I've put down a couple of builds i took a shining to , but honestly there are so many more ways to make a viable interesting Commando.

Give me more turrets or give me death.


This build focuses on two things, making yourself really really tough to kill and a very serious turret arsenal. So it's easier to tackle them separately. There are effectively dual synergies going on here. Firstly lets look at our turret potential: Sentry + Laser Sight + Scorched Earth + Phalanx Shield + Resourcefull + Gemini = Turrets lasting longer, more effective, stick wherever, deploy shields, shoot rockets, oh and there is two of them. Boofucking ya, sit back sip girly drinks and watch them do all the work. Secondly your own safety: Willing + Able + Healthy + Preparation + Forebearance + Phalanx + Quick Charge = Shields recharge super fast start doing so quicker you hav.e more of those shields, they also recharge when you smoke dudes, and you got extra shields from turrets; your health is much bigger it regenerates when you damage an enemy and regenerates when shields are full; also throw in some elemental resistance. Now you can sip your girly drinks in total safety while you watch your turrets do all the work!

Explosions are cool.


A commando build focused around explosive damage grenades and rocket launchers. An almost equal mix of Guerilla and Gunpowder tree. The build is somewhat interesting because it ignores marginal Gun dammage increase skills (rocket launchers aren't classes as guns in Borderlands skill description lingo btw) and instead goes for massive increase in grenade and rocket launcher damage with Steady + Do or Die; Grenadier increases your grenades duh, Expertise and Metal Storm affect all weapons not just guns. Willing + Able + Healthy is for some needed self survivability which you need being so self reliant. Throw in turret rockets for funzies. The downside of the build is that you are effectively limiting yourself to one weapon type (rocket launchers) and grenades, the plus side is that you are almost doubling your damage output with those weapons.

Siren Maya

(it is at this point of writing that i realise i might be slightly insane and maybe waiting for Borderlands 2 a tad too much)

The new Siren is a very very different new siren compared to the class in the first game. While both classes have an elemental based theme, the Borderlands 1 siren most builds were alll about solo pure gun damage through output. The siren was the absolute top dog when it came to laying down the hurt, give her a Helfire smg and everything evaporated in split seconds. Raw fucking damage motherfuckers fuck yeah!

So yeah, the new siren seems not at all that kind of girl :( On one hand I am kinda bummed, on the other hand it makes for a much more interesting class with very different playstyles and ability usage, rather then a simple raw dps machine of the previous game. The new Phaselock class skill looks like the most mutable class skill in the game with unique effects cross combining in various ways to change it's function in a multitude of fun ways.

Harmony tree is for all you team players out there ^.^

Bouncing Betty

Phaselock foreva.
Phaselock foreva.

Kind of a misnomer but whatever, moving on. A build revolving around keeping your Phaselock going. Unlike some other class skills it already has a very short cool down for one. It's all about Phaselock in this one and getting the absolute most out of it. The primary skill here is Subsequence allowing the phaselock to always chain to a new enemy (an important note this apparently does nothing for phaselock duration it is till time limited it does not look like the jump extends it in any way by itself) allowing you to keep it going from one dude to another and keep reaping it's benefits, of which there are many. Converge pulls dudes together, Helios sets them on fire, Suspension and Quicken make it last longer and recharge quicker, Sweet Release basically heals you to full each kill during phaselock, Wreck dramatically increases damage during it, cloud kill is nice for enemies pulled together, now on fire and poisoned. Ward and Inertia are icing on the seperate cake, better shields and their recharge on kills.

There is one potential wrench in the works here Thoughtlock, which will depend on how exactly will it function in the final game, how it works with other phaselock modifiers. If's it's slightly negatory then dump the point into more Wreck. For that matter maybe even fuck Cloud Kill, and max out Wreck. I have a feeling Wreck with it's double synergy is much more important.

Oldschool (somewhat)


This is a slightly more self reliant build with Phaselock as more of a helper nuke rather then a mainstay crutch, probably the most resembling the old Siren in trying to match damage output. But phaselock being such a short cooldown skill is still very effective help to the build and should not be ignored at all. Lets start with that Converge + Helios + Ruin makes phaselock pull enemies closer together then set them all on fire, electrocute, corrode and slag; nasty. One point in Sweet Release is enough for self for healing since we are not going for Wreck. Reaper + Flicker + Accelerate all focus on more self damage, pure and simple. Inertia + Ward again for those shields and their recharge during fights. Now here is the interesting part for the people who obsessively reload all the time, go nuts! Inertia + Foresight make reloads 75% faster after each kill! making even base reloads 4 times faster. (or 66% depending on how game math is structured)

Assassin Zer0

Zer0 is a cool dude. Why? It's seems like a fun all or nothing class. When played mediocre it's an average class, but get good find the 100% ultimate synergy and he is just a one man overpowered killing machine, fully 2 of his skill tree ultimate abilities adhere to this philosophy. Critical Ascenti0n does it for sniper rifles, rewarding very accurate players with more and more dmg. Many Must Fall can potentially let you keep in stealth and one shot dudes from behind almost perpetually as long as you are fast enough, until everyone is dead. Fucking sic bro!

The downsides of Zer0 builds are that they are somewhat basic and self explanatory, go Sniping for sniping, go Bloodshed for your melee assassinations, Cunning is your group support tree and helps other trees, there is less room to experiment wildly like with other classes. So it becomes more of why take this skill in a particular tree over other skill in the same tree situation.


Snping duh.
Snping duh.

Simple - do you like shooting shit with sniper rifles, go directly here do not pass go. Optics - THANK FUCKING GOD HALLELUJAH and all that jazz, the huge problem with sniping in original Borderlands especially when solo was that enemies got good with their aim over time and kept rocking your sights all the time by pinging you with billets constantly making it very hard to snipe, if that mechanic is anything like it was in the first game and you still want to snipe get this, DO IT. Geadsh0t/Precisi0n/Killer all interchangeable so go with a mix you like, altho at the start i suggest Precisi0n when your sniper rilfes are still shit and your own weapon skill is low, so that those shots don't deviate too much, later on with better guns and higher weapon skill this can be removed in favour of the other 2. 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill might seem nice, but in Borderlands bullets have travel time Vel0city is the better choice to make your shots fly 100% faster meanign less guesswork and lead time needed, meaning less misses, damage isn't bad either so take that first imo. Kill C0nfirmed can be skipped get something from earlier part of the tree, you want to get sniper shots off quick, not sit on your ass aiming, a lot of enemies will be generally coming for you at all times. The rest of sniping skills are self explanatory. Grim is taken for shield recharge after kill, an ever so useful ability, and deception cooldown is also nice for easier sniping. Killer + 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill combine nicely as icing on the cake.

Assassin's Creed 0


Har get it? get it?! I'm so sorry :( Bloddshed is the name of the game and Many Must Fall (MMF) is what makes it all work re-stealthing you after each melee kill and adding time to deception. A lot of this builds potential will depend on just what is the cooldown and duration of Decepti0n and how much does MMF extend it. It could be stupid overpowered or it could be kinda limp. Ir0n Hand - self explanatory more health and more melee dmg. Grim - important for Deception cooldown. Execute - a lunge and more damage sign me up! F0ll0w Thr0ugh - important for faster movement and for more melee damage. Backstab + Ambush more damage from behind, ie where you should be when stealthed. Like Wind + Innervate for that all important movement speed considering you are running around meleeing dudes plus regeneration and damage. As mentioned all skills are there to support one purpose one style: backstab a dude, one shotting him in melee, while in stealth, automatically go back into stealth, rush to another dude, repeat.


Damn i must have been bored as fuck to write all this lol.

Hmm, maybe I should edit this a bit and put it up as a started class build guide? Not waste all this effort that is. Thoughts?

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#28 Posted by The_Nubster (3206 posts) -

I'm pretty sure this is how I want to roll my Commando. A focus on being damage-heavy with the turret for support, and mild health regeneration. I figure, when they increase the level cap, I'll lean more heavily in to the survivability aspect of it, but I'm hoping things will be dead before I'm in a bad spot.

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#29 Posted by Zacagawea (1678 posts) -
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#30 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Great, now I can decide whether I'll play Axton or Zer0.

Still can't decide.

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#31 Posted by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -

@Zacagawea: Why would you not take Steady as She Goes and Keep Firing ... ? They are one point each and dramatically improve Gunzerkering.

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#32 Posted by Ares42 (3599 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: Sure, but giving up the end talent is rarely worth it, and most of the time there's at least one more full skill you'd rather pick up than anything from the other trees. So most of the builds end up with focusing on one tree and picking some low-hanging tree from the others. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but for the bigger picture you're really only making a 1/3 choice.

Tbh it's probably part of what made the first game great, but let's not fool ourselves and imagine we're talking about some major costumization here. Hell, looking at Gunzerker, two of the trees operate so differently that picking up skills from both would be detrimental. But as I said, the 1/3 choice actually seem to really make a major difference and that's more than good enough.

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#33 Edited by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -

@Ares42: I agree Gunzerker and Zero especially seem to fall into this trap the most (of focus), but Siren and Commando have very synergistic trees that actually promote cross tree distribution. Plus you are also making choices within the trees themselves lets not forget. And even the Gunzerker rampage and gunlust trees can be made to work together quite well, by making gunlust substitute reloads for weapon swaps stacking it's bonus damage on top of that :)

The skill trees are still way more interesting and less clear cut then they were in the first game as well as focusing on active stuff more over passive buffs.

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#34 Posted by Wunder_ (1211 posts) -

Damn @Tennmuerti those are some well thought out builds. I think I might focus on Axton this time round, in Borderlands I went with Lilith and felt really squishy, as well as feeling forced down the SMG route (which was fine for the most part). I also feel like the Kill Skills will be extremely important and having 2 or more pop at once will be exponentially better than going down one tree - not sure though.

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#35 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -

So, i'm not as great in this as @Tennmuerti: but, hey, why not post in here?

Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh

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Just a simple lvl 48 build. It focuses on Backstabbing, Damage, and Speed. Running around backstabbing a lot of dudes, dealing a shitton of damage should be a fun way to play the game, and it's nice to see some melee focusing this time around.

Axton of All Trades

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A preeeeeeeeetty shitty build that heavily depends on the Turret. There is some Shield stuff to help survival and Grit if everything else fails, but i wanted to get every bonus possible for the turret, at the cost of a super bonus at the end. It doesn't make any sense.


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HELL YEAH! No need for Survival 'cause i'm going to kick ass before you could do anything, motherfucker. Axton reloads quicker, has more damage, more damage for non-elemental weapons, when he kills a dude he gets MORE DAMAGE, more fire rate and less recoil, and when he is with the turret he deals MORE DAMAGE. Speaking of the turret, now the turret has more health, fire more shots, it's more accurate, it fires ROCKETS, and has a second gun that helps me deal MOOOOOOOORE DAMAGE! "But Mike" you might say "People are going to shoot you back, what you're going to do?" Well, when my shields deplete, i deal... MORE DAMAGE!
Perfect. Just perfect. I'm considering playing as Axton just because of this.
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#36 Edited by Zaccheus (1999 posts) -

I thought I'd play Maya before, but Salvador's skills seem so insane that maybe I have to go with that. Just going nuts isn't really my style, but it might be nice change since the game will be so similar to the first one anyway. Auto-load seems like the best skill ever, I just want to run around swapping guns and never reload.

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#37 Posted by BoFooQ (997 posts) -

I like Zero and may be my starting character. The bloodshed tree didn't look that great though, I figure my goal will be to get a shield or other stuff with health regen. Also I am never on to spend too much time with a sniper rifle, but bore and increased accuracy and some of the other early sniping tree skills are great. I want to increase melee damage as much as possible, but I was surprised there aren't skills to increase time hidden

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#38 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -
@BoFooQ said:

I like Zero and may be my starting character. The bloodshed tree didn't look that great though, I figure my goal will be to get a shield or other stuff with health regen. Also I am never on to spend too much time with a sniper rifle, but bore and increased accuracy and some of the other early sniping tree skills are great. I want to increase melee damage as much as possible, but I was surprised there aren't skills to increase time hidden

Many Must Fall?
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#39 Posted by SavageManLove (156 posts) -

Man there's a lot of choice with Axton. Do you go more for turret and you as a support for it or heavy into your gunpower and the turret as support or a combo of them. Then of course would you rather have a turret with an extra gun or two turrets etc etc. Too many choices.

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#40 Posted by Solh0und (2068 posts) -
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My rough draft of Maya so far. This might change depending on what equipment I might have.

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#41 Posted by ADAMWD (722 posts) -

Looking at the skill trees, all the characters look like they could be quite good, with multiple play styles for each. Nice job Gearbox.

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#42 Posted by Dan_Persona (96 posts) -
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My skills will be like this.

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#43 Edited by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -

Revised explosive build for Axton:

Boomer V2
Boomer V2

You loose the 10% rocket and grenade damage bonus (from 70% to 60%) some health and health regen, for a fully featured Guerilla speced turret with slag, rockets, duration, more shots, accuracy, second barrel. Still all about huge rocket/grenade damage but now with a good friend. Advantage to this build, you can max your rocket/grenade damage relatively early on, so this build does not need to wait for endgame to start performing, or for the top tier talent even.

Gunzerker with swapsies:

True Berserkers don't give a shit about survivability.
True Berserkers don't give a shit about survivability.

A rampage build that swaps guns instead of reloading, in contrast to my previous rampage build, we again loose some survivability in return for, changing weapon reloads into fully loaded swaps, even more damage from gunzerking and ability to do the super pimped out gunzerking while down. For the truly insane, suicidal but gunzerkers who want Gunzerkering to perform to a 110% . You do however need 4 good guns! The true Berserker.

Bouncing Betty V2

Perpetual Phaselock done right
Perpetual Phaselock done right

This is a very simple adjustment of bouncing betty build i posted earlier, so much so this might be a bit unnecessary. We ditched the 5th level of Helios explosion on phaselock and Cloud Kill. To gain last 2 ranks in Wreck from 30% fire rate and 18% dmg while phaselock is up to -> 50% fire rate and 30% dmg. The theory is that Cloud Kill lasts for 5 seconds and will not move or refresh untill the 5 seconds expire, making it very unsuitable for killing everything super fast with a jumping phaselock which is all about fast kills and limited time. But the bonus to overall DPS from Wreck is huge and helps kill more enemies during phaselock much faster. (double the dps!)

EDIT: also changed points from Ward to Accelerate because the skill tree was fixed apparently so Accelerate is not as shit as it was before and this version of phaselock bouncing is more dependent on dps.

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#44 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -
@Tennmuerti: If you're looking for DPS with Maya, why did you took Ward instead of Accelerate? I'm also curious why you didn't used "All I Need Is One" with Salvador. For me, it seems better than Divergent Likeness.
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#45 Posted by Capum15 (5748 posts) -

There are not enough points for Soldier. Everything on that looks awesome to me. Other three had more specific things that I liked, I want everything on the Soldier tree.

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#46 Edited by Tennmuerti (9134 posts) -


Ah they changed/fixed Accelerate I see (either that or i was blind) because i swear it said 20% Bullet Spread before, hence i never took it. Now with it making sense and giving Bullet Speed yea i agree should change it to Accelerate. (i will adjust my build) EDIT: yeah looking at my earlier screenshot they even had a diferent graphic for Ward ^.^

Seems like they fixed Zer0 tree too; Decepti0n no longer keeps stacking with level and Killing Bl0w shows melee damage bigger then Ir0n Hand. (Good god now i have to recheck all the trees again to make sure my builds are still viable)

For Salvador that build is all about gunzerkering keeping it going for the longest time and keeping the cooldown short, so it will be up a lot. Divergent Likeness is 30% dps and 30% more accuracy during it. With the full rampage tree 50% uptime on Gunzerkering is very easy even without class mods. With kills it inches towards 3/4 uptime if not more.

Versus All I need is One 40% dmg for a single bullet in a clip ... i can see it being useful if you only have single shot weapons, but even with 2 bullets per clip it already becomes only a 20% dps increase for both guns, bigger clip then 2 bullets and it becomes less and less (3 bullet clip 13% dps, 4bullets=10% dps etc). You are limiting yourself to very small clip weapons and even then the gains are hard to come by. So yeah with this build you would need to have all your weapons have 2 bullet clips at most for All i need is one to compete with Divergent Likeness.

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#47 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -
@Tennmuerti:  You're totally right, All I Need Is One, seems to be the skill for the insane double rocket-launcher dudes out there. I really liked how they made the upgrades fit different styles instead of going with "Yo, this thing here makes you better with SHOTGUNS".
 Also, here's my build with Maya(I'm playing co-op hence the Harmony focus:

Insert Cool Name Here

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Trying to deal a moderate DPS while having a nice healing ability.


No Caption Provided
Trying to find the perfect equilibrium between shooting and slashing. Since i'm running a lot, a steady aim is a must, and running and shooting give me a really good bonus on damage.
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Salvador has potential for a really crazy akimbo/zerk build. Take that skill to up pistol damage/reload and the extra damage during zerk while using the same weapon types. Then pump up the Rampage tree to be able to zerk frequently. Seems more glass cannon-ny but so crazy I may try it. Hopefully the game doesn't come out and we all get disappointed by crazy thoughts of "builds".

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This is my Axton build. 2 turrets, both are magnetic, have bubble shields, and fire rockets.
This is my Axton build. 2 turrets, both are magnetic, have bubble shields, and fire rockets.
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My Axton/commando builds centred on rockets and grenades are now completely broken, because they changed the Do or Die skill from a 5 points skill to a 1 point skill, meaning only 10% more damage instead of 50%.

grumble grumble grumble ......


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