PS3 Legendary trading! I do not dupe, simple bartering.

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Hey guys! Looking to trade some legendary items on the Playstation 3, the ones I am willing to trade are the following:

Pitchfork ( Slag ), Ultraprecise Bunny, Impaler, Veruc, Lyuda ( Shock or Corrosive ). All of these guns are level 50 versions besides the Lyuda shock, but that version is the very best level 49 version of that gun and will dominate a few 50 legendaries. Important: I will trade any of these with exception of the Veruc and Impaler for the Siren head skin titled "Pretty In Punk", which I believe is bought with Torgue tokens in the newest DLC.

Guns I am interested in are the following:

Fire Veruc, Infinity, Baby Maker, Bonus Package, Badaboom, Razrez Lyuda, and Hellfire. I will not trade for any items below level 50, exception on my level 49 shock Lyuda.

I'm also interested in finding one or two decent players to farm Terramorphus / Warrior for better chance at rarer drops. I can kill both in less then 5 seconds by myself, literally.

I am also willing to run new level 50's straight through Terramorphus to gear them out a little :)

Please! If you're interested in bartering legendaries, or you're just wanting to play with a guy who's very much into the game send me a friend request and in it tell me what you're wanting to do, whether it be farming with me, trading, or needing some help! I know where multiple easter egg areas in the game are including the secret Minecraft area.

My PSN is: LordOfSeraphs

Add away, don't be shy!

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