Question about Co-op Split Screen Play

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Hey all, really leaning towards picking up this game but just had a quick question. Hoping someone can confirm

If you want to play online with a friend on split screen co-op, is it possible to do it on one Xbox Live Gold account and have the friend's stats and loot and whatnot be saved to the single gold account or do you both need Gold accounts? Thanks in advance!!

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I'd imagine both players would need gold accounts because that's how it usually works, like with Halo, but don't quote me on that because i've only been playing local split screen co op

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Ah I there wouldn't be any sort of guest option that would be able to save?

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I have a Gold Account and my girlfriend doesn't. We go into the game through her profile, rather than mine. We have to play offline, but at least this way it saves both of our progresses.

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sadly it is most likely impossible without 2 gold accounts.

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