Rare heads for Siren and Mechromancer

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After numerous attempts to farm Terramorphous for the Mechromancer head "XXX" and the Siren Head "Cold Steel" I have been unale to successfully acquire both of those. So I am putting out the call here, does anybody have both of those heads just sitting in their backpacks/safes and are willing to dupe them?

Message me here or send a message to my Xbox Gamertag: A PixelatedMind

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Still collective skins/head myself but if I run across them I'll add you and let you have them.


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My advice is make a topic in the gamefaqs Borderlands 2 board. There are a ton of cool people there who help others out all the time. You'll get hooked up in no time.

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@pweidman: Yeah, I did that, but still no response.@Slither_Maggot: Thanks for the heads up.

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A quick update! I have received the "XXX" head for the Mechromancer, but now I am still working on the Siren head. Gonna keep trying.

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I'm also looking for XXX for Gaige. Can anyone help me out.

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i downloaded a save from some message board that had all the heads and unlocked them that way. the save was a mule character that had all the heads in their pack. the grind ended up being too much for some silly heads.

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