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Doesn't seem like there's a thread like this yet. So how's about sharing what y'all know about this or that in the game? Exploits or what have you (although nothing that involves altering save files). Who has the best drops? Where's the best runs? What's the easiest way to get this or that achievement? Where's Jimmy Jenkins? Stuff that might not be obvious from the get-go or revealed via the loading screen messages.

I'll go first:

- Spamming explosive Tediore reloads is a ludicrously easy way of mowing down badasses and bosses right from the start of the game, although you'll burn through ammo so fast it's not even funny. To get the most damage out of the reload, fire off just one round then chuck it. It explodes on direct contact with the enemy (kinda like TF2's demoman). Works best with pistols and SMGs (due to biggest magazines) and, as far as I know, any elemental effects the gun has carry over into the explosion. Combo this with a singularity grenade beforehand and you're golden. Even better for gunzerkers. There's about three different challenges and an achievement associated with this technique too, so it's a super easy way to rack up badass points early on.

- Shotguns absolutely devastate Threshers and Crystalisks up close due to their multiple crit points.

- ION Loader barrier robot bullshit is interrupted by singularity grenades and/or phaselock.

- A good place for the "Goliath, Meet David" achievement is the Once and Future Slab story mission (when you meet Brick). Early into the waves there will be a Goliath. Shoot his helmet, then just let him kill everyone (occasionally help him out if he's getting mobbed). Eventually you'll have your God-liath. Now spam Tediore reloads.

- Grenade jumping is still a thing, but take the mod off first. Also works with rocket launchers. Useful if you want to shortcut up to a ledge somewhere or get up onto a roof that would otherwise take some amount of walking/jumping.

Your turn, if you like, or just tell me to suk it or something.

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-Playing True Vault Hunter mode I've run into an excessive amount of Loot Marauders (three in a row that were level 50). They are not easy to bring down but seem extra susceptible to fire elemental weapons. Fire element rocket launchers work best (but their rare) if you can't find one break out your best weapon and aim for their inflated head. I always keep one equipped for a fast second wind.

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: Your tip about using singularity grenades against ion loaders has helped me so much. Now I can just interrupt their annoying shield animation; thanks. The one tip that I would offer players facing off against an area full of loaders would be thus: arrange your weapon slots beginning with shield, slag, corrosive, and corrosive weapons in that order. Once you bring down the loaders shields you can just switch right into slag for extra damage and then right into corrosive for the killing blow. This setup also works great for the gunzerker. Once the gunzerker brings down the shield he can then slag and from there go right into dual wielding corrosive weapons.

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- Always bring a rocket launcher with you. Since it has high damage,  doesn't have bullet spread that gets worse over time and does splash damage it's ideal for FFYL where you can't go into ironsights and wont have time to manage your bursts. It's great when all enemies are a bit too far away from you or maybe behind a corner. A good balance between high ammo count and damage is a good idea, Bandit launchers are pretty good but whatever works. My 4th weapon slot has always had a rocket launcher in it since BL1 and it has saved me from respawning countless times. 
- Don't bother shooting Crystalisks. It's much much much more efficient to run up to them and just punch them in the crystals. I had a ton of trouble with multiple Crystalisks and their knockback attacks before I realised it usually takes about one or two melee hits for the crystals to break. This even works on Blue. 
- Save all sidequest with blue or purple rewards in your second playthrough till you're level 50 and done with the main quest, this means you can't even accept the quests so that they show in your questlog, just leave them so that the questgiver still has the yellow ! above them. After you beat the game in TVHM all enemies and remaining quests will be boosted to level 50 or higher and you'll get a level 50 version of all the guest rewards. There's some really neat items that you can only get from the quests and level 50 versions of those items are even neater, like the Flame of the Firehawk shield that you get after the Cult questline or the Order shield and the Law pistol.

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When you're in combat with multiple enemies and feel like you're about to go down, ALWAYS leave the enemy closest to you standing. At the absolute most, chip his health down before you die. When you go into FFYL, blast away at said enemy and you'll be back on your feet in no time.

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Jimmy Jenkins spawns in ammo crates and boxes in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Thousand Cuts and Opportunity. His chance of appearing in WEP is increased if you have the mission Doctor's Orders active and have not collected any slag samples.

The easiest way to find a chubby enemy is by getting varkids to evolve. Each evolution could produce a chubby. You'll probably find many when trying to spawn Vermivorous.

For the Challenge Accepted achievement there are 2 hidden challenges. One that unlocks after rank 5 of Splish Splash and one that unlocks after rank 5 of Open Wide.

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  • On Salvador, the bladed weapon bonus stacks while Gunzerking. Yes, this applies to Law. Also, Roid bonuses are applied before the blade bonus so it adds considerably. Double Law and a 506 Roid shield took me from 360 to 2597 melee damage.
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- If you're looking for an easy way to get critical hit challenges fairly quickly, go to an area that spawns a bunch of Crystalisks. Bring a reasonably weak SMG with a large clip size (one with Slag element is good too if you wanna multi-task) and from a distance start wasting your clips onto their critical points. The weaker the SMG the better!

- When you're not looking to meet Critical Hit Challenge goals using the Crystalisks, another easy way to quickly kill 'em is just running up and do quick melee attacks at their legs. This is most effective with close range Assassin builds.

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@nitronomicon said:

: Your tip about using singularity grenades against ion loaders has helped me so much.

You're welcome ^_^

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Farm conference call then farm the bee and never be challenged in this game again.

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Robots are immune to fire dmg

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@laserbolts said:

Farm conference call then farm the bee and never be challenged in this game again.

Actually farm the Bee, get a lvl 50 Triquetra from the Clan Wars quest line, then use them to farm Conference Call.

Way easier.

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I've just realized that if you're running low on ammo, picking up other guns actually gives you some. This also applies to rocket launchers.

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