This game may have turned me back onto PC gaming for good.

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With all the negative PC threads floating about, I thought I would make one to express my opinions on the PC version (which I switched to from the 360 version).

My journey started last Saturday, when I picked up the Xbox 360 version from a small store here in cali, legitimately, but giving me a access to the game 3 days early.

I was having a blast with the game, although early on I was put off by the framerate and pretty terrible textures and texture pop in. I got to learn the game and get used to it.

Monday I realized that i really wanted the DLC, so I pre ordered and paid in full a copy from Gamestop. I was planning on using the DLC, and then just selling the copy. I still had reservations about the xbox version though, and they were made even worse when I read about the incredible graphics of the PC version and how well it ran.

I began to think about getting the PC version, and I did. I sold my early copy, and was lucky enough to get Gamestop to exchange for the PC version and still get me the preorder codes. This was an ordeal that lasted from Saturday, until this morning (when I exchanged the game).

I cannot be happier with my decision.

There is not enough I can say about the PC version of this game. The textures are so much better. They no longer pop in, and they do not look blurry anymore. I feel like I went from an SD version to an HD version, and I am SO astounded by the difference. The mouse and keyboard work very well with the game too, which is contrary to what I have been reading.

I love my Xbox. I really do. But this game has taught me to really consider the PC version of games in my future purchases. I bought a PC version of Skyrim when I had a 360 version already as well, but it did not really sink in.

A lot of people may say "cool story bro", but I really just wanted to let people know how much quality the PC version has. I have not had any issues, but I know that even if I did, the ridiculous higher fidelity of the game would make it worth it.

I definitely have learned my lesson, and i cant wait to see some of you PC users for some co op in the near future.

it may seem that the PC will obviously always be the better choice for quality, but maybe I was putting too much emphasis on the idea of sitting back in my couch and using a controller. As I type this, I am hooked up to my 50 inch plasma and I can have just the same leisure and relaxation I have with my consoles.

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Welcome back to the master race, my son

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