Borderlands 3

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Sep 13, 2019

    Return to the Borderlands as one of a new team of Vault Hunters to stop a crazed, live-streaming cult known as The Children of the Vault spreading like an interstellar plague.

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    It's Borderlands, I Suppose 1

    Let me start this review off by giving some background. I've played probably 150 hours of Borderlands 2, and 60 of Borderlands 1. I did not bother playing the Pre-Sequel. I am statistically average in terms of fans of the franchise. I think it's fun, but dumb and immature, and I am unapologetic about my play time. That being said, the price of admission for Borderlands 3 is far too high, in multiple ways.Borderlands 2 introduced the character Handsome Jack. He was absolutely not nuanced, was pri...

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    Borderlands 3 is Good 0

    If you liked borderlands 2 you will love this game. They basically improved on everything. Graphics are noticeably better, I recommend playing on performance. Movement, climbing, sliding is awesome. Looting is quicker, you don't have to spam the loot button. They did expand upon how much you can upgrade your character and really modify your look to make you stand out. Everything about the game in first few hours I played I've honestly enjoyed even more so than the first two games. You can also c...

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