What would you want to see in a new Borderlands game?

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#51 Posted by BonafideGinger (34 posts) -

I think something that would be cool would be a weapon breakdown. And crafting system. The did the weapon grinder thing but it was very limited in what it did. What I would like is a means of combining multiple elements of weapons. It would allow the weapon brands to be unique, each having their particular gun style (eg. Large clips for bandit, increased power for jakobs, elemental for Maliwan,) but then the player can break the weapon into parts.

So you take a Malian weapon and destroy it, and get back parts, let's say Maliwan flame core. Then you take a hyperion weapon do the same and get the aim correction modulator (these are just made up names) and then the Dahl high rate rat tat tat..erator... or whatever You apply these elements to let's say the frame of an SMG. And you have a custom made SMG with high fire rate,that increases accuracy and does high fire damage.

Increased movement options (eg climbing) , more fast travel locations and armor loot and player customization would all be excellent additions as well as has been stated already on this forum.

Borderlands has been perhaps my favorite game franchise of all time, and is by far my favorite franchise to play with friends and I really hope that when they do release borderlands 3 that the changes they make only serve to enhance the experience I've had with the series thus far.

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#52 Posted by chilibean_3 (2364 posts) -

At this point I just want a new one. I'm ready. Maybe some more movement options, some Titanfall stuff with wall running, grappling hooks and such. Some better writing/characters would be nice but whatever it's a Diablo FPS I just want it to keep having fun gameplay.

I don't think I want character creation. I like the Diablo style of picking a class then specing it how you want and pairing it with different kinds of weapons.

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#53 Posted by geirr (3737 posts) -
  • Full player customization / Create a character.
  • Better everything.
  • Tiny Tina amiibo.

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#54 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2523 posts) -

For it to be a sequel to tales of the borderlands

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#55 Posted by JoeDangerous (557 posts) -

I hope the hits have more impact. I never felt like the guns packed a punch. Rather they always felt like shooting an airsoft gun.

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#56 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (647 posts) -

More gear categories, including maybe some fun traversal stuff. No loads (but I'd be okay with similar level design to the first game, later games got a little annoying to navigate through). Less tumbler bait: maybe a 60/30/10 split of the personality of 1, 2, and some new hot jams. Balance changes: too often in 2/the pre sequel I felt underpowered. 1 was great because I felt powerful, later games less so. First game could still be challenging but when you leveled up a character you were regularly ripping shit up.

Maybe an ability to modify weapons to reduce the chances of getting a bunch of powerful weapons that aren't fun for the player. I probably wouldn't want something where I could just create my own weapon from whatever pieces I want, or maybe keep that as a feature that unlocks in a new game plus or something, but rather being able to take compatible, leveled components from weapons you've found and put them on other weapons you've found. Maybe you find a good shotgun but don't like the spread or something you can replace a component and improve it to your taste. This way you still get to experience the different combinations but can move the good but unfun gear closer to being fun, or taking a boring but very effective gun and using a feature from some trash weapon that would be really fun but is installed in a really weak weapon. I seem to remember a particular rocket trait that was a ton of fun in the pre sequel only ever dropping on trash loot, but there were a lot of examples of that kind of stuff to varying degrees. Maybe you could even limit the number of modifications you can make based on your level. First you can't swap out parts, then you can swap out one feature on a gun, then two, etc.

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#57 Edited by jacksukeru (6770 posts) -

If like, Duke Nukem was in it, and you could play as him. That´d be the business.

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#58 Posted by Atwa (1686 posts) -

A writer that isn't Anthony Burch.

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#59 Posted by ShaggE (9213 posts) -

I've been replaying Borderlands 1, and I just want 3 to have a definitive answer to the oft-posited question "You gonna squeal before we cook ya?". I mean, everybody in that game seems terribly curious about this, and I'd really like to know as well.

Also, everybody should dab, constantly.

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#60 Posted by someoneproud (481 posts) -

Tiny Tina getting her windpipe crushed. Aside from that I'd also like to see more meaningful skill upgrades / play styles / customisation options.

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#61 Edited by hippie_genocide (2417 posts) -

Sometimes I feel like the only person alive that doesn't hate the writing/characters from BL2. It's goofy and hammy but I kinda like it for those aspects. The game overall is pretty goofy and stupid so it fits. If you're looking for subtlety from Borderlands, you're looking in the wrong place. I just think it gets too much flak online. I thought the Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep was one of the best DLC add-ons I've ever played.

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#62 Edited by _Brojangles_ (130 posts) -

Character creation and more variety in classes.

Literally any kind of writing as long as it isn't the shit in Borderlands 2. I would rather have a bland forgetful story like Borderlands 1 than to have to suffer from garbage like Tiny Tina or post BL1 Clap-Trap.

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#63 Posted by NTM (11568 posts) -

@atwa: From what I was just reading (as I was searching news for Borderlands 3) Anthony Burch left Gearbox, so he wouldn't be writing for the game, nor would another writer of previous Borderlands games that left due to health issues, which is Mikey Neumann.

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#64 Posted by Bonbonetti (107 posts) -

Better writing and a tighter single-player experience. I like the humor and all that, but the storyline has been very thin, although it was improved in Borderlands 2 (last one I played). Still, I want more of it.

As others have said, there's too much empty space in these games and nothing to really explore. This always felt like lost potential to me, as if something was missing.

The skill trees were 'meh' to me, with not enough cool wacky things.

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#65 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1314 posts) -

Honestly I would just want more detail for everything.

- More customization for the characters

- More detailed worlds, so they don't feel barren

- Better writing

- Better manueverability

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#66 Edited by TheChris (439 posts) -

A second season of Tales from the Borderlands is what I would want.

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#67 Posted by NTM (11568 posts) -

@hippie_genocide: I liked it. Somewhat of a response to you, but just speaking in general about Borderlands 2 as I just finished it early in the morning today. I really liked it a lot. Though I do feel the story and what characters had to say in pivotal story moments wasn't that original, I still liked both quite a bit and felt more attached to it all than I was expecting. Also, at least in Jeff's review which seems like a wider opinion here, I thought Handsome Jack was a perfectly suitable villain that hits the target for 'I just want to get revenge on this shmuck now' kind of villain instead of being annoyed by it (the way people describe him is the way I feel about Dead Space 3's villain). I wasn't ever feeling like I wanted to turn the dialogue off (aside from the player characters callouts). The game, through a lot of its humor, surprisingly has some pretty dismal moments.

While I wasn't entirely surprised by its death, I was surprised by the cruelty of how Mordecai's bird Bloodwing got killed. It bummed me out for a bit. I also read some of the comics which also has moments like that. It juggles humor with a bit of what I feel is like The Walking Dead drama in my opinion. It's a pretty simple story, one that you've more or less seen before, but at least to me, it is effective. I don't really get the hate for the writing, it was effective at what it was trying to do. I also loved, and again, wasn't entirely surprised by it though, that you go back to Fyrestone. I thought it was awesome. And hey, I like Claptrap a lot and actually felt bad for the way he was treated throughout most of it. The moments where the vault hunters from the first game actually help alongside you put a smile on my face too. I'm playing the DLC for the game now before I move onto the Pre-Sequel. I would say if only slightly, I liked it more than the first.

Maybe it's just a wide thought view on Giant Bomb, but from the looks of it, I feel like I'm the only one on here that cares about the story/characters in its universe despite its simplicity and unoriginality. The thing you mention about it not being subtle is definitely what it's about. Almost everything is a caricature. It's certainly not as bare as I thought it was going to be. Borderlands 1 & 2 are some of my favorite games from the years they came out now.

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#68 Edited by Strangestories (424 posts) -

A lot of people saying the skill trees aren’t interesting enough probably didn’t play the Pre-Sequel. While it’s a pretty bare-bones game compared to 2, they absolutely improved the skill trees with more gameplay changing effects such as ability modifiers and so forth.

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#69 Posted by hippie_genocide (2417 posts) -

@ntm: If you're not too burned out on it, I would try the Dragon Keep DLC. It's well designed and pretty funny. I took it as sort of lampooning sword and sorcery high fantasy tropes.

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#70 Posted by Ravelle (3290 posts) -

To see the word "tales of The" in front of the title.

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#71 Posted by NTM (11568 posts) -

@hippie_genocide: Oh, no. I'm not burned out on it really. The only game that is making me even think about stopping my playthrough of the entire series (though only momentarily) is the upcoming God of War, but I am enjoying Borderlands enough that I can wait. I am playing the Handsome Jack Collection which has all the DLC and the Pre-Sequel, so I'll definitely check the Dragon Keep DLC out. I'm just going in order from its original DLC release date though, so it'll have to wait a little while.

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#72 Posted by pmavers (70 posts) -

Honestly, the big thing that I'd want is a revamp of the difficulty system, so it's not tied to which play-through you're on anymore. Having to play through the entire game just so that you can keep getting rewards after a certain level was unfun as hell. Especially when you end up falling behind the gear curve and can't actually survive to continue the main story.

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#73 Edited by NTM (11568 posts) -

@pmavers: Borderlands is long enough to me that I can't imagine playing it through again and on the harder difficulty once finished with the main story. I just play it on normal and am satisfied with that. That said I am also not playing the games because the loot draws me in. To be honest, once the credits roll and it says you have a new difficulty option, I ask 'why would I do that?' It's just not something that appeals to me when I can finish the rest of whatever quests I have left and the DLC on normal difficulties. I understand people play it for the loot/co-op stuff which I guess makes it more essential though. To me, at this point, that's a total waste of time. I just want to experience what the game has to offer in terms of characters/locations/story. Getting good loot along the way is just the fun way to progress through all of that. When I've done it once, I don't want or need to spend the time doing it again.

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#74 Edited by BrunoTheThird (824 posts) -

A hybrid class called Trickster which combines explosives expertise/trap-making and other talents in the art of subterfuge/havoc-wreaking. I want an ability that lets you chuck claptraps rigged to blow, which hone in on groups of enemies, screaming and dancing and doing delightful claptrap things, before 'sploding.

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#75 Posted by NTM (11568 posts) -

Just wanted to update (even though no one probably cares that much, but it's fun for me anyway) that I am now playing Pre-Sequel. I finished everything up in the first two games including their DLC's and really enjoyed both. Two was slightly better than one in my opinion but only slightly. Also, I really enjoy the characters and its story, despite the story being pretty simple and cliche. The last Tiny Tina DLC was a lot of fun, and also concluded really well in my opinion. With the Pre-Sequel, it's having enough new to the series that I am not burnt out on the series even though I really want to play the new God of War now, and even (though to much less extent) want to try out Far Cry 5. The lack of gravity, ability to stomp as well as draining O2, and the more talkative player characters (I chose Athena as it felt it made the most sense story-wise) are nice additions to at least make going from game to game back-to-back more tolerable than it otherwise would be I assume. I'm not far in, just a couple of hours at level six, and a quarter of the way through the level.

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