Anyone want to play coop with me on PC?

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I originally played BL on PS3 but I got the goty version on PC in a big ol steam sale. I am already a few hours in, currently Level 14 Mordecai.

My Steam name is Devil240Z.

My Gamespy ID is Devil240R

I think Devil240Z is already taken by me but I cant seem to log in with that name. It just says you cannot login with these credentials, even though I just reset my password.

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We have a massive GB PC Gaming Hub where tens of GB members play all kinds of multiplayer games together. 
Hop on our IRC chatroom and/or our voice server (program: Mumble => IP: / Port:64747) and see who's up for a game of Borderlands. 

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@AhmadMetallic: Will do. Thanks for the tip.

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