Has anyone else been able to start an online game in Borderlands?

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This is for the PC version, I can't seem to start a game.  First, it seems not many others are hosting so that first tells me there may be a server issue, and since it's gamespy, iam not shocked if that's the issue.  First I either get timed out or go in, get disconnected after loading for ages then booted back to the lobby.  Anyone else having this issue? Any patch I don't know about?

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I just went through a program named GameRanger, it has worked like a charm ever since. There also seems to be quite a few servers on there.

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That sucks man, I've been playing the PS3 version but I get huge frame rate drops and the mics sometimes get big echos or major lag, I hope all of this is fixed up soon.

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Yup press the Guide button then look down your friends list and invite. 
Oh wait the PC version, sorry missed that. 
What Fragstoff said. 

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Also, if you have Windows 7 you have an additional step.
Then use this.

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This is what happens when your MP is hosted by gamespy.... It's hard to be a PC gamer these days. 

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You would think if you wanted a game for people to have a great online experience online, and your game is sold on steam, you would use steam's online service, or as Jeff said, make your own online servers.  I am sure there is a larger issue somewhere onto why Gearbox did not use Steam, I just wish they could have shook hands with them and made an online MP experience that actually worked.  Other than that, the game is great.

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